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flameZ | 
Israel BLaCkKobRa 
-Hooxi +MSL im sure he can get this team back to their form they were before hunden left.
2020-11-30 17:34
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hooxi is doing better and is in a good development, while msl is kinda old and cant use a riffel
2020-11-30 17:35
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Finland wrathh
+1 and ML are on an upwards trajectory right now, the team is tactically sound but plagued by inconsistency which is by no means only hooxis problem
2020-11-30 17:38
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+1 to smart finlando
2020-11-30 18:44
2020-11-30 18:30
Only if acoR leaves for a better team. Otherwise there is no place for msl, take away his awp and you have a 0.8 rating igl
2020-11-30 17:39
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0,6 more likely, he is worse than Krystal
2020-11-30 17:44
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0.4, do not underrate msl with awp
2020-11-30 18:45
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0,0 without awp then
2020-11-30 18:50
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0.08 like fer
2020-11-30 18:50
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ahahahaha i remember that
2020-11-30 18:51
Poland kvvach
2020-11-30 17:40
mad lions shouldn't change their roster, they're winning with this team
2020-11-30 17:42
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+1 plus they have played like 1 month with hooxi
2020-11-30 17:44
winning what?.. losing to wisla krakow, losing to liquid. lets be real, except beating fnatic which wasnt that impressive, since fnatic is in a huge slump, even c0ntact almost won, they arent looking so good.
2020-11-30 18:29
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refrezh and acor are looking really good, they just need to find a way to build around them. they should've beat VP just now but other than that they're losing to really good teams. they just acquired hooxi, you can't just manifest mad lions winning big games immediately, it takes time.
2020-11-30 18:34
hooxi is okay just give them time they are not bad
2020-11-30 17:45
6 man roster.. HooXi is a very weak link right now, but i think he is in development.. so +MSL and -nobody, make MSL work as some sort of 'acting coach/igl', mixing experience with the new..
2020-11-30 18:37
The roster is good - it’s a mental issue. They can’t close games. The power of the choke - it’s kind of like astralis back in the old days Acor gets an opening and it’s not enough - roej and shush balls go missing when it counts
2020-11-30 18:43
United States ILOVEFEET
MSL is trash with anything but awp, no.
2020-11-30 18:45
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he was kinda average as a rifler, and sometimes had good maps. u guys all act like he was a prodigy with the awp and couldnt play rifles.
2020-11-30 18:55
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United States ILOVEFEET
he was never a prodigy with the awp but it is his crutch and acoR is the mad lions AWP for the forseeable future
2020-11-30 18:59
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