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g pro wireless
Chile gentleeH 
hello hltvers, any of u have tried this mouse? how is it for CSGO? i dont trust r/mousereview normans
2020-11-30 18:07
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Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
i think many pros use so its probably good enough.
2020-11-30 18:09
Canada JC_123
best mouse, new lightweight one even better any pros who aren't addicted to Zowie shape are using this or some other new lightweight mouse
2020-11-30 18:09
only mouse i bought 2 times and i had all, but buy lightweight
2020-11-30 18:09
Oceania sergei_
rly expensive first off. some say there are issues with double clicking and stuff after some time but ive had for nearly 2 years and its been fine. shape is pretty much exclusively fingertip unless you have small hands
2020-11-30 18:11
Algeria roroteach
i tried many mouses thats the best for me when u want a wireless
2020-11-30 18:11
i use it, very good and the battery life feels alot longer than they say it is, i charge it for like 20 minutes every week. super light, easy to bring places 9/10 price is dogshit
2020-11-30 18:12
flusha | 
Denmark Mudza
Viper better. but there will soon be a new g pro ;) had 3 g pros that all got double click
2020-11-30 18:14
United States laiff
buy the superlight version not the 80 gram old brick version the superlight has better feet and it fixed the double clicking the g pro had and lighter
2020-11-30 18:14
A lot of people complain that it always develops double click issues after a while, so I'd suggest going for the viper ultimate wireless instead, idk tho
2020-11-30 18:15
haven't had any problems with it so far, good shape, good weight ( no need for mice that are under 60g imo) and im feeling very consistant with it
2020-11-30 18:17
United Kingdom CSGOWhale
Recently bought it, not a fan at all. Going back to the deathadder elite until my Razer Deathadder Pro v2 comes.
2020-11-30 18:17
Very good but very expensive 7/8
2020-11-30 20:05
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