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baltic superteam
rain | 
yekindar espiranto ropz broky bymas
2020-12-01 18:18
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Russia Baritud
2020-12-01 18:20
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someone who wants to try it, switch it up for first few weeks. Look at magisk for example, never did it before + hes young and now calls for the best team in the world.
2020-12-01 18:22
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yes magisk calling and astralis lose 2 1 godsent omegalul
2020-12-01 18:26
Magisk is a tactical genius. He is best known for his signature tactic "getting core back to 3 and then benching es3". He also has a second little known tactic of "bringing back Xyp9x and losing to GODSENT". What an absolute legend.
2020-12-01 18:29
tier 2
2020-12-01 18:21
Latvia brozer
maybe HS to igl? I think he said he wants to igl or something like that in an interview. but yes, būtu labi
2020-12-01 18:24
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yea maybe, he can switch with bymas
2020-12-01 18:25
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Bymas | 
Lithuania jakouu
with bymas, i think he should be kept cause hes getting pretty consistent in mouz. if hs not igling tho could be someone like kalinka/kvik.
2020-12-01 18:28
Russia WhereIsJopa
Espiranto couldnt join to Tier1-2 Team because he played corrupted games with c0ntact Reputation means a lot of
2020-12-01 18:25
didnt know magisk was calling for Vitality
2020-12-01 18:25
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