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pro playing with 27 inch monitor
Brazil my_name_is_thirty_letters_long 
does any pro play in a 27 inch monitor? what do you guys think of 27 ? 24 OP or 27 stand a chance?
2020-12-01 18:28
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No, 3 inches will ruin any chance of success in your entire life.
2020-12-01 18:30
Mine is 27, very important for maintaining my Silver Elite status.
2020-12-01 18:30
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kek, at what distance do you use it ?
2020-12-01 18:47
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Elige's style
2020-12-01 18:48
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2020-12-01 18:48
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Elige is known for having his monitor a bit further away than the rest of the pros.. I saw your comment on #7 and this the main use for my monitor too, so it sits at the back of the table (regular sized table, i guess) and i can keep the keyboard and mouse aligned side by side with at least 10-20cm between them and the monitor.. idk if this will give you a better image of it hehe edit: here, found it:
2020-12-01 18:51
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Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
thats crazy imagine how much his level of game would increase if he plays ropz style.
2020-12-01 19:11
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I think this is personal, if I use monitor too close i tend to lose focus on what's happening on the game and focus only on aim haha, but i see your point
2020-12-01 19:21
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Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
i remember long ago i was shiit at cs i didnt notice how i was far from monitor was getting closer every month,in the end i was so close to my monitor i was worried for my eyes, but my level improved like 10x bcs it and iwas like semi pro at one point
2020-12-01 19:24
mine is only 6 inch nobody wants to play with it :((
2020-12-01 18:31
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I'll play with your 6 incher
2020-12-01 18:34
27" 1080p looks like garbage and is also too big so you have to have it further away
2020-12-01 18:32
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even though it has 144hz i won't play much though, i bought it more to work, and i wont be close so the 1080p won't be pixelated for me
2020-12-01 18:42
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Fair enough
2020-12-01 19:26
Canada JC_123
27" is a direct upgrade but a lot of the time pros don't use them because most tournaments seem to supply 24" 240hz so they keep in practice with what they use at LAN.
2020-12-01 18:33
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yea so i did the right choice buying the 27 one cuz i'll work more than play with it, i needed a big screen cuz i will use multiple monitors and they won't be close to me
2020-12-01 18:49
no, because anyone wants to use fastest monitors
2020-12-01 18:49
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most pros play at 144hz and there are alot of 27´ 144hz
2020-12-01 18:50
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you forgot about existing 240 or 360Hz monitors, so not really... pros actually use mainly 240Hz
2020-12-01 19:09
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checked it after replying, my bad
2020-12-01 19:10
my friend is tryharding faceit leagues with 360hz
2020-12-01 19:16
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