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felps come
Brazil eumesmo 
seriously, why? why to leave boom? you're smurfing in SA these year, you won every single tournament you attempted... are you afraid of going international? relax bro, you can handle it.
2020-12-02 01:03
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Brazil ilovenorway
tf you talking about
2020-12-02 01:04
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2020-12-02 01:10
Brazil naner1805
he will play internationally but not for boom
2020-12-02 01:05
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>felps >speaking english?
2020-12-02 02:25
i think he will be on taco+dead project if true , i would prefer if he stayed in boom..
2020-12-02 02:53
Apparently he can’t speak English
2020-12-02 01:08
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Expected from br
2020-12-02 01:08
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i agree
2020-12-02 01:28
Brazil nuke_brs
Maybe it’s actually the opposite. Maybe boom has no intention of going overseas until this COVID stuff is over and felps doesn’t want to waste his prime in sa
2020-12-02 01:11
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makes sense, but thats sad we dont will see this lineup in NA/EU
2020-12-02 01:21
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Brazil nuke_brs
Very sad
2020-12-02 01:22
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United States Gonginator
It is sad, but felps had a taste of what it's like to be at the top a few years ago and he probably wants to get back to that point. However, I'm not overly concerned because Brazil has a ton of up and coming players right now. There are a lot of options out there. This may be a bit of a stretch, but I think that NA/BR mix teams will become more common in the future. South American orgs may have the funds to move to North America, but for a few reasons such as some Brazilian players having visa issues, they will turn to NA players who have played MDL / on low tier EPL teams in the past. YeaH Gaming is a good example. Personally, I'd like for more BR/NA mix teams to rise up because I think that both regions have lacked a big talent pool for a few years and combining players from both regions will help to bridge the gap.
2020-12-02 01:29
Indonesia draizze
Boom unfortunately tied to their RMR points. It's understandable since they're relatively just moved from SEA to BR scene, major spot is very important to them as Org since It'll get them more recognition on international scene.
2020-12-02 02:41
Indonesia SAD_PAW
chill men, every player have an option to choose a team, men this is an Indonesian organization just chill men ROFL
2020-12-02 01:24
brazilian scene is fucking trash, prize money is trash, salaries are trash, hes wasting his time on boom
2020-12-02 01:35
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Brazil nuke_brs
The org boom is not br so maybe the salary is decent. They are also winning everything in sa so their salaries must be ok
2020-12-02 02:21
felps is going to taco's team, how is he afraid of play at na/eu?
2020-12-02 01:37
Felps will be the 6th player of mibr
2020-12-02 01:45
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