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Who replaces mezii c9
Sweden f1skaN 
It is a matter of time when mezii gets benched/booted, who do you think c9 will approach? He is a massive liability and a reason why they give round despite showing up every once in a while
2020-12-02 09:58
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-woxic +smooya
2020-12-02 09:58
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what was the last c9 match you watched and what was the last smooya match you watched?
2020-12-02 10:00
17 replies
The last C9 match I watched, woxic dropped whoping 19 frags vs Gamb0t LUL
2020-12-02 10:01
16 replies
So you just admitted to watching only one match of C9 and giving your opinion lol. How r******* are you?
2020-12-02 10:03
15 replies
from where did you draw that conclusion he said last match, not only match
2020-12-02 10:04
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I meant he is picking the worst match in c9 which woxic played and basing his opinion on that
2020-12-02 10:05
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u asked for the last one he watched lul
2020-12-02 10:12
he literally answered your questions and u still mad at him lol
2020-12-02 10:13
Woxic didnt have a good game for 8 months now...
2020-12-02 10:43
Russia Drapery
He didn't say he watched only one match
2020-12-02 10:05
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2020-12-02 10:05
You stop crying for once 😂😂. And check this :
2020-12-02 10:06
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6 replies
Expected from braindead Bandwagon
2020-12-02 10:07
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Do you realize if that I am a bandwagon, you are one too? Look at your flag and flair lol Also you are the one saying woxic needs to be kicked based on one match and your replacement is smooya lol who has been inactive. Braindead fangirl
2020-12-02 10:09
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How am I bandwagon ? You are fan of : Astralis ZywOo S1mple NiKo Brollan kennyS
2020-12-02 10:10
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And? So i should not be a fan of more than one team or player ?like you who is a fangirl of one player lol Also how tf am i bandwagon for that? Im not even talking about the people whom i am not even like saying the players whom i m a fan of are the best or something.
2020-12-02 10:12
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check his flair mens))) must be braindead
2020-12-02 10:20
me :)
2020-12-02 09:59
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Can confirm, I'm HenryG
2020-12-02 10:08
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can confirm, Im Gaben
2020-12-02 10:40
lmfao 0/8 dumby, he's fine the real problem is useless toxic with his over agressive style
2020-12-02 10:08
Georgia Megobari
Why they should replace him? He's playing rly well and he is their clutcher
2020-12-02 10:09
I dont think he is too bad given he doesnt get star roles and he is inexperienced,give him time and he could make similar growth to Perfecto for example.
2020-12-02 10:13
need more time still, maybe they can identify what's causing bad performances and fix it. he has still got a lot of potential.
2020-12-02 10:14
tbh woxic is the problem, his inconsistency to hit shots is baffling
2020-12-02 10:15
BnTeT is the best choice for c9
2020-12-02 10:32
2020-12-02 10:34
India Bobbobob
not every team plays with rookies for three weeks and drops them (FAZE)
2020-12-02 10:42
Considering their contracts I wouldnt expect any changes until after the Major, whenever it happens.
2020-12-02 10:42
Amazing thread
2020-12-02 10:44
2020-12-02 10:46
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