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Michal Slowinski disappointed with ESIC decisions
Portugal LADY_NINI - 
Michal Slowinski, the hero responsible for bringing the recent spectator bug scandals to light, is disappointed with ESIC and their decision to not pursue action regarding the stream-snipping abuse cases. “Super disappointed TOs and ESIC decided not to punish those caught stream sniping. How does one get away with what's essentially cheating? How is it fair on those who played fair and potentially lost money, ranking points, or even their jobs?!” - asks Michal on Twitter. Besides the spectator bug, there was another issue that caught ESIC's attention a few months ago, players and coaches were accused of watching the streams of their matches. What’s your take on these situations? Do you think ESIC might be overloaded with cases and perhaps it's difficult to give a satisfying answer to the public? Source:
2020-12-02 21:40
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2020-12-02 22:17
He's right
2020-12-02 22:18
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Seems suspicious since this investigation could have implicated many top teams. Probably done more to preserve the fan's interest in the game rather than working super hard to ban a bunch of popular players
2020-12-02 22:53
3 replies
Michał seems like a guy that just does his job with passion, not only for money. He is a judge we need, serving justice to anyone, doesn't matter who they are.
2020-12-02 22:59
2 replies
it's OK to stream snipe or matchfix if everyone else's doing it!
2020-12-02 23:12
1 reply
fighting fire with fire alright
2020-12-03 06:38
2020-12-02 22:18
3 replies
It prolly took you more time writing "tl:dr?" than it would have taken you to read that story,
2020-12-02 23:15
2 replies
i actually read it, i wanted to see if i can trigger her lul.
2020-12-02 23:19
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Please,try going outside for a change.
2020-12-02 23:29
Maybe certain suspects took ESIC employees families as hostage and only released them after he said teams dont get punished for stream sniping
2020-12-02 22:20
7 replies
Poor guy.... :( Don't joke around, please.
2020-12-02 22:20
6 replies
Btw Ms Nini have you seen this? what do you think of it
2020-12-02 22:22
5 replies
Have you translated it? It seems an honest apology and explanation. These situations are tricky because it could happen to any of us, I think.
2020-12-02 22:25
4 replies
i should've been more specific.. I'm BR, the question is about whether this should be considered by the TOs since the apology and "ignorance" about a rule does not excuse the wrongdoing. tricky indeed
2020-12-02 22:29
2 replies
I agree. This is the problem with the "online" era, there must be hundreds of possible loopholes to cheat and lie without the control of the TOs, however, human error is also possible. Without a solid structure, we battle with our morals and ethical, because WE DO want to believe the BEST of people. Some of us, at least. I'm making sense?
2020-12-02 22:32
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A lot. For the TO's, either punish good while hunting the bad or reward the bad for using the good as shield. tricky to say the least.. thanks for your take
2020-12-02 22:39
Finland byrbyl
Mibr is shit
2020-12-02 23:22
United Kingdom ulan
2020-12-02 22:19
3 replies
Is it nice living under a rock?
2020-12-02 23:47
1 reply
ask patrick
2020-12-03 06:45
Poland Menaheer
A hero.
2020-12-02 23:52
Is stream sniping explicitly against the rules? Honest question.. I know it's very much frowned upon, but there is a specific Valve rule about this?
2020-12-02 22:20
6 replies
Even the coach bans were not enforced by Valve, ESIC is its own thing. So no.
2020-12-02 22:24
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2020-12-02 22:25
not exactly explicitly word for word but you are basically gaining an unfair advantage over your opponents that you were not intended to have through 3rd party means, so it is in theory illegal by most of the TO's rules of conduct. It's not as bad as the coaching bug imo but you can still see how the enemies rotate, how their economy is like, etc.
2020-12-02 22:33
3 replies
i understand your point, but should it still be unfair considering that the opponent also has the ability to use the same stream? and by 3rd party means, this is so subjective that even a notepad or a 3rd party software for reviewing demos could fit. i'm honestly unable to build a strong opinion on this, haha
2020-12-03 13:34
2 replies
the way I see it, you're not supposed to have all that information because the game developer hid it purposefully and teams play around that uncertainty for slight strategical advantages. Even if both teams can do it I feel like it's kind of immoral and shows a lack of integrity from the guys that use it.
2020-12-03 14:18
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I agree with it being morally wrong, but morals are subjective and different from, unfortunatelly. As I said to ms Nini, this is a very tricky situation
2020-12-03 14:32
ESIC added that, since the initial notification, it has gathered "compelling evidence" showing that this behavior "has been taking place on an alarmingly regular basis and at all levels of competition." In line with its previous decisions and sanctions, the commission faced "the very real prospect of banning a significant number of players, coaches and, in a few cases, entire teams", causing "an extremely adverse effect on CS:GO esports, particularly in the top tier You realize that the reason they aren't banning people is because they would literally ban like 50% of the entire professional scene, also this was literally in the HLTV article for it I just copy pasted, cmon mens))
2020-12-02 22:30
3 replies
They should at least specify that from this day onward they will look to punish all the snipers which should be a fair warning to everyone who used to do it in the past without killing the entire scene with ridiculous suspensions. Publicly expressing that you will not take any actions against this illegality is kind of stupid because now everyone will do it and if ESIC won't lift a finger nobody else will so everyone's free to cheat.
2020-12-02 22:37
2 replies
They did, I didn't copy and paste the entire post, but; "ESIC has therefore concluded that the only sensible solution for the CS:GO community was to draw a line in the sand as of the date of this statement by indicating that we are closing all current investigations without prosecution and reiterating that any violation of this rule from today onwards will be prosecuted vigorously and the maximum available sanction sought if the player, coach or team is found guilty," ESIC said.
2020-12-02 22:45
1 reply
ah cool then thx. I'm glad they at least did something about it, as minimalistic as it is
2020-12-02 22:48
Switzerland NotJuan
ESIC probably bribed by some underworld csgo mafia
2020-12-02 22:44
1 reply
ESIC is closely related to the TO's, if you ban most of the tier 1 teams rendering their rosters ineligible to compete you will lose all of your investors, viewership and money, it makes no sense to shoot yourself in the foot like that for 'justice'. Some other TO would put the current ones in bankruptcy by not abiding by ESIC rulings and allowing all players previously banned for stream sniping to compete there. ESIC isn't endorsed by Valve after all.
2020-12-02 22:51
there's no way to control if teams are stream sniping or not. just because a few of them were caught on camera, it doesn't mean the others aren't doing it as well behind the cameras (which let's be honest: all of them are). mibr and the other teams just happened to be in a bootcamp environment together with their coach which made that easier to spot, but any coach in the world will take advantage of watching the stream. no such thing as "competitive integrity" if a certain perceived offense can't be properly monitored and punished. unfortunately this seems like another one of the downsides of the online era
2020-12-02 23:09
He's not a hero, just a snitch.
2020-12-02 23:12
5 replies
cheating isn't a noble act.
2020-12-02 23:17
3 replies
It was only Valve's issue.
2020-12-02 23:17
2 replies
that's clearly not true lol. do you think cheating adds to the gameplay or viewing experience?
2020-12-02 23:29
1 reply
I said it's Valve's issue to let them do it, is you dumb?
2020-12-03 06:36
nice brain
2020-12-03 14:38
Lebanon Dogman69
nobody cares because all orgs are doing it
2020-12-02 23:48
well philosophically saying, it is not wise to prohibit everything all the time. just set the rules well and let everything else be exploited to the max. expect everyone to do their max to exploit shit and when it starts to annoy, prohibit. just don't do it later on having backwards in time penalty. this decision is perfect, from now on everyone knows the rules and if caught doing it gets a severe punishment.
2020-12-03 00:03
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