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U like money? Come
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Yugoslavia Icar_noob 
Yes it’s me - the last bettor to rule all bettors Get you pen and pads out boys and girls - class is in session Faze vs coL CoL have been underwhelming so far in dreamhack but this is a battle of two teams with minimal strats - looks difficult for faze considering the map pool. Bet - coL -1.5 Prediction - col 2-0 Cloud9 vs spirit AVOID Virtus pro vs BIG BIG are the outright favourites to win and shouldn’t have too much trouble sweeping aside an inconsistent VP Bet - BIG win Prediction - 2 - 0 BIG Astralis vs G2 Looks like a value match - astralis are favourites for good reason and G2 have looked poor (the NiKo effect?) however G2 have the luxury of picking a map like dust2 which they should win since everyone knows the d2 protocols and they are the cleaner aimers Bet - G2 map win (if it’s dust2) otherwise I prefer over 26.5 maps on G2s map pick if you don’t want the outright win choice Prediction - 2-1 astralis North vs GODSENT Simple - Godsent win Bet - Godsent win Prediction - 2-0 Godsent Fnatic vs MIBR both should win their respective maps (nuke and train) The final map is a coin flip though MIBR has the better momentum while fnatic are more experienced Bet - over 2.5maps Prediction - 2-1 MIBR VALUE DOUBLE - BIG & GODSENT (go BIG or go home) High risk treble - G2, MIBR OVER 2.5maps, col -1.5 (value - only a small bet for this)
2020-12-03 10:52
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Georgia Megobari
If you love money - you should never bet, because you will lose all your money
2020-12-03 10:53
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2020-12-03 10:55
Spain SS_SS
2020-12-03 10:56
Poland subconsious
2020-12-03 10:57
Two words - BANKROLL MANAGEMENT Here’s an example - if you have $100 dollars you shouldn’t be doing bets for more than $5. That’s twenty bets - you only have to be right 52.8% to breakeven at 5/6 17/20 etc odds - not a hard percentage to hit if you know your market. ;)
2020-12-03 10:58
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Finland Jomppeboi
If you have 100 dollars, you should bet it at minimum 2x odds, after that you have 200 dollar, bet it again on 2x, boom you have 400 dollars and you keep on going. Always works!
2020-12-03 11:05
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Kkk top1 strat
2020-12-03 11:13
Or u Just become good in investing and make money that way instead of ring gamble lul
2020-12-03 12:31
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2020-12-03 12:41
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That's what I do with my bitcoins. Daytrading with Bitcoin as valuta feels pretty statisfying especially when the prize of valuta goes up a significant amount
2020-12-05 07:16
2020-12-03 11:25
2020-12-03 11:39
2020-12-03 11:58
+1 Or you should use apps like Profit Accumulator, means you get free bets and little profit every day without a loss.
2020-12-03 12:27
cool predicts, but i think VP can take 1 map. cuz of mappool.
2020-12-03 10:55
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2020-12-03 11:58
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2020-12-03 21:51
P.s. the caster with vince is the most obnoxious, wannabe elitist caster the unfortunate audience has to suffer through - get this gremlin off the airwaves. He’s clearly biased and his understanding of cs is a typical faceit player who learnt to cast. Thank god hes too low quality for top events
2020-12-03 10:56
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Pansy is worse
2020-12-03 12:29
nt but I all in'd 5K on C9 and will be rolling in money tomorrow
2020-12-03 10:57
cool predicts tbh.
2020-12-03 10:57
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Thanks :)
2020-12-03 11:00
Estonia brainrot
2020-12-03 10:58
faze vs col - faze win c9 vs spirit - spirit win big vs vp - vp win astralis vs g2 - astralis win north vs godsent - both trash fnatic vs mibr - krimz vacced during match
2020-12-03 10:59
Faroe Islands AdNauseam
I agree with you... C9 x Spirit Over 26.5 all maps
2020-12-03 11:03
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I agree - best pick you could do but there’s no clear indicators for this match hence why I chose to avoid
2020-12-03 11:04
i can agree with all of your predicts but would like ur opinion on fnatic and mibr, dont you think fnatic is the better team? MIBR's t sides have been shit lately
2020-12-03 11:04
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The big question is whether they can take nuke - right now you have to say no based on results though it’s not completely out of the question. Then Fnatic can punish pick overpass/train and again it’s hard to see MIBR take either map The final map is key - though Fnatic are more experienced, they are also more worn down from that same experience. MIBR as an org and roster has more of a spring in their step right now and it makes me think they will be the ones trying to take control of the game (economy, micro plays etc) and the general mood of the camps are different. It’s a coin flip but all the indicators point to an advantage for MIBR in my opinion - that’s why I prefer over 2.5 maps as a bet
2020-12-03 11:12
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i agree with you there's no way this will go under
2020-12-03 11:16
don't gamble
2020-12-03 11:09
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Malta - the home of poker pros FYI
2020-12-03 11:15
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yes, thats why dont gamble
2020-12-03 11:50
2020-12-03 11:58
C9 - Spirit. I know my boys from Spirit, they will lose 100% and become shit again until roster changes. VP - BIG. VP got this, because BIG started playing some tier 10000 tournaments. Fnatic - Mibr. Fnatic wins very close series with totals, because I want rematch between Mibr and Mad lions in lower bracket. Fnatic - Masd lions/Mibr in the final. Fnatic wins.
2020-12-03 11:36
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I hope BOTDISBALANCE will appear later and sdbot
2020-12-03 11:54
I wouldnt be too confident on BIG. They shouldve lost against envy and looked pretty bad there, mightve been an off day tho. Im playing over 2,5 on that one. I agree on all other bets tho
2020-12-03 11:42
Okay, so what are the chances of this. Ive been pretty unlucky with my football bets recently. Only last week ive lost 5 tickets by very slim margins(always one goal, corner, just yesterday by one throw-in) and now i visit hltv to see alot of matches today and decide to bet on csgo for one. I look at the forum to see if someones giving tips and i see your thread. col -1,5 astralis 2-1 godsent win big win fnatic-mibr over 2,5 maps 32 odds you think this can go through?
2020-12-03 12:00
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I only do doubles/singles for the reasons you mentioned - if you are doing it as an accumulator at those odds you should be aware of Murphy’s law - since anything going wrong ruins the parlay so it’s always a lesser chance you will make money going for accumulators but the risk is smaller - people who do it for a hobby are more likely to try catch a big result for a lesser risk which is reasonable. I would say the success chance of all of them being correct is probably between 10-20%
2020-12-03 12:06
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I think the only real risk there is coL -1.5 The others seem very very good
2020-12-03 12:14
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I think the astralis one is riskier - since you need so many things to go in your favour. If you were to do that I prefer to take out astralis 2-1 and instead place an outright win for astralis - smaller odds but the chance of winning goes up dramatically
2020-12-03 12:16
Well im not a big bettor but i do bet almost every day. I just do 3-5 bets in an acca. So you are saying just make it astralis win is alot better? maybe do it win only col win also?
2020-12-03 12:21
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Yes that’s the lowest variance route - the odds on col are kinda bad though - in a parlay you want to have one preferably risky pick to jump up potential winnings so I would personally keep the col one but the safest way would be just col and astralis win
2020-12-03 12:25
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okay, ill leave -1,5 as i think they are way better as a team. one last question though, you say dodge the c9 game but i see spirit have been doing pretty bad recently only winning against lesser teams and a win against shaken faze. The odds for c9 win are pretty good i think, with the players they have they should win,no ?
2020-12-03 12:29
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Well we know they can play nuke/dust2 - however spirit are good on those maps - especially dust2(Winrate looks poor for spirits nuke - but they look good on it and have played strong teams - a case of misleading statistics. C9 could start in any kind of form - Vertigo is shaky Too many unknowns for me - if I were just straight gambling - I like the odds on a C9 win but would definitely do it as a single
2020-12-03 12:35
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Okay, thanks! Hope we win today, good luck.
2020-12-03 12:37
I've just put 20$ on those games, so let's disco
2020-12-03 12:24
Well.... no matter how you try spin it - today was not a good day The lesson for today - bankroll management is key for the swings and roundabouts of luck/analysis and trying to see into the future 😎 I hear the angry crowd, the murmurs of dissent, the throwing of objects as I shout LAKAD MATATAG - normalin normalin I’ll be back tomorrow, stronger than ever and I will try my best to provide a better outcome for all of you 1/5 right(or 2/6 if you want to be pedantic) - Godsent and over 26.5 rounds for G2 map pick
2020-12-03 21:48
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My first loss post in over a month
2020-12-03 21:49
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you made them betting fucks go bankrupt lmfao i respect you
2020-12-03 21:50
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Balance is restored - we had the sunshine and now we get some moonlight
2020-12-03 21:56
lol bettors love not having money
2020-12-05 07:21
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Kkkk One month of no loss days = you hide in the woodwork Two days of losses = "No MoNeY"
2020-12-05 10:21
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I don't bet
2020-12-05 15:19
I don't like money. oonga boonga trading ftw
2020-12-05 10:22
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