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Fnatic 2015 vs Astralis 2018 showmatch idea
Finland TuureBoelius 
Since NaVi 2010 vs NaVi 2020 and Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. both garnered attention in their respective sports, it's clear that there is growing demand for showmatches in 2020. I propose that we have a showmatch between Fnatic 2015 (flusha, KRIMZ, JW, olofmeister, pronax) and Astralis 2018 (gla1ve, dupreeh, dev1ce, Xyp9x, Magisk). Here are some details of the showmatch: Host: ESL Format: Best-of-five What's on the line: $100k ($20k per map won), title of "The Greatest" Map pool: Current competitive map pool (ok jk let's give Fnatic a chance): Mirage Train Overpass Inferno Cache Cobblestone Dust2 Would you watch it ? Who do you think would win ? Thoughts ? /discuss
2020-12-03 21:18
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Sweden Rheniel
2020-12-03 21:18
The greatest and scariest weapon of fnatic 2015 is doomed for now. This is pointless battle. It's like Intel 2011 vs AMD 2020. Who will win: i7 2600k with max OC or 5950x with max OC? Silly question haha.
2020-12-03 21:20
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2020-12-03 21:19
2020-12-03 21:21
2020-12-03 21:21
RX570 fun btw
2020-12-05 00:55
Astralis would win pretty easily I think, it's not like the NaVi match where they played some 1.6 as well. Most of the Fnatic players are well past their 2015 peak.
2020-12-03 21:21
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North America 007DBR9
the biggest problem is astralis still has the same roster
2020-12-03 21:38
2020-12-03 21:21
2020-12-03 21:21
DIG 2014 vs DIG 2020 would be more entertaining than this and it'd still be a stomp... already TSM had fnatic in their pocket. now with olof gone they'd have absolutely no chance
2020-12-03 21:24
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I would watch that.
2020-12-03 21:35
ropz | 
United States Goob
+1 and we’d get to see who is the goat team
2020-12-05 00:52
North America 007DBR9
It would be unbelievably one sided considering astralis is still together
2020-12-03 21:38
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Well 3 of fnatic are still together and there are 2 old maps......
2020-12-04 10:18
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ence replaced 1 player and went from top 3 to top 30
2020-12-04 22:52
20k per map is such a pussy move, winner takes all! also 3-0 Astralis maybe fnatic 2015 will take like 20 rounds in 3 maps if they are lucky
2020-12-03 21:39
Argentina fedezera
Better SK 2017 vs FaZe 2017
2020-12-03 22:16
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That'd be a showmatch that I'd watch. Details: Host: ESL Format: Best-of-five (all five maps will be played) What's on the line: $150k ($50k for the winner + $20k per map) Map pool: Mirage Overpass Train Inferno Nuke Cache (old version) Cobblestone (old version)
2020-12-04 22:04
Maybe in 2025 when they're all washed and bad. Right now it'd just be Astralis beating a shittier version of current fnatic. I'd rather see them beat the current version of fnatic if that were the case lmfao.
2020-12-03 22:20
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What makes you think astralis will be bad by 2025, they've been playing as much as the 2015 fnatic players?
2020-12-04 22:52
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I think they'll get tired eventually. By 2025 they're all gonna be ~30 so I doubt they'll be at a high level, even more I doubt they'll keep the whole team. The average of Fnatic is 27 with pronax and olof at almost 30. Meanwhile for Astralis their average is 24,8 with their oldest player being 27. In 3 years the entire LG/SK/MIBR roster was born and died pretty much. (I consider it dead since 2019). Considering that Astralis may have one or two more years because they are the greatest team. I think that by 2025 Astralis, if they were to keep this roster, will be like tier 3 or sumn.
2020-12-05 00:41
Better Fnatic vs NiP or Fnatic vs ENvy
2020-12-04 22:45
it would be a great idea for like 2025. Right now astralis is still top3, fnatic is washed up
2020-12-04 22:49
i would probably watch it but im sure that his game would be boring AF and astralis would dominate fnatic bcs olof is sadly just bad nowadays, pronax doesnt even play, flusha and jw are meh. on top of that astralis still play together. also title "The Greatest" for 1 match? please...
2020-12-04 22:54
There is no debate. Astralis will win every map, but even without that they have established as the greatest counter-strike team ever. The only thing that gets close is maybe navi 2010, but I’m not sure since I didnt follow the scene
2020-12-04 22:54
could work if astralis wasnt still using the same lineup
2020-12-04 22:56
Europe RiflerDash
If i see pronax even touch CSGO ever again i think my eyes would shrivel up. (just kidding ofcourse luv u pronax but please just stick to 4D chess.)
2020-12-05 00:46
astralis wins 3-1, cobble would be the only map fnatic wins
2020-12-05 00:57
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Astralis would prob ban it
2020-12-05 01:03
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maps would be predetermined like in the navi 2010 vs navi 2020 showmatch
2020-12-05 01:05
fnatic now wouldn't even take a map
2020-12-05 00:58
I dont see how fnatic could win even if they were still in form Tsm in 2015 beat fnatic in 7/8 series also every single member of the core was dramatically better in 2018 While magisk >>> cajun Gla1ve >>> karrigan
2020-12-05 01:03
OK | 
Europe B0OMER
better fnatic 2015 vs virtus pro 2015
2020-12-05 01:08
France naveJ
astralis would win 3-0 they still are in the top 3 lmfo
2020-12-05 01:09
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