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csmoney bug exploit
arT | 
Brazil SH1NoOB 
For those who came to learn how to exploit a bug on csmoney, you can go now, i wont reveal any relevant information. Yesterday i traded some skins on csmoney and noticed after that my balance was negative and i got the skins. After some time i discovered that i had unintentionally exploited a bug that overpriced my skins, so i was able to get something that in theory i didnt had balance to get. I am able to reproduce this bug when i want. I submited a report to csmoney on HackerOne about this, but im not a programmer or anything like that. Anyone here is used to HackerOne and can give me some tips on how to improve my report?
2020-12-04 05:43
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Brazil ZerongBr
Ok, bye
2020-12-04 05:45
The report button was waiting for me, for all of us. And we shall press.
2020-12-04 06:09
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arT | 
Brazil SH1NoOB
? I didnt explain how to use the bug and i reported to csmoney on their "bug bounty" section, just want some tips to enchance my report and receive some money. Im not exploiting the site.
2020-12-04 06:12
aha that's bait shoulda told us instead of cock teasing
2020-12-04 06:16
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arT | 
Brazil SH1NoOB
its nothing out of this world, its around a 4% bonus, nothing much. Im interested in the reward for discovering bugs, i even tried to contact support when i saw that my balance was -50 cents to understand what happened (the traded supposed to be the same value at both ends), and the woman that tried to help me said that she never saw a negative balance and the developers would enter in contact with me to try to figure out the situation. This happened yesterday, today i decided to report the bug in the bug bounty section of csmoney to earn some reward, but i dont know much about coding or anything, just explained in a simple manner and sent some vids of me altering the prices and doing a trade that i shouldnt be able to (canceled it after).
2020-12-04 06:28
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sounds fun
2020-12-04 07:28
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arT | 
Brazil SH1NoOB
If i get some cash its gonna be really fun, if they accept my submission i can get from 100 to 1000 bucks, depending how serious they think the bug is, i dont think ill get more than 100.
2020-12-04 07:42
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Well good luck on your journey
2020-12-04 09:44
The way to exploits the bug is to click here:
2020-12-04 09:46
shittest bait ive seen i think
2020-12-04 09:54
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