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Advantages for the pro scene and the fans
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Latvia yes_vim_is_better_than_emacs 
Can someone explain how the last updateis beneficial for the viewers of the pro scene
2020-12-04 11:44
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2020-12-04 11:46
2020-12-04 11:47
i cant explain this because this is secret information and valve asked me not to tell that
2020-12-04 11:48
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?? Nonsense
2020-12-04 11:51
pro scene is a tad smaller than the average player and valve cant make money off them
2020-12-04 11:51
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They could but it would mean putting in effort
2020-12-04 11:53
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Im pretty sure theres actually more ppl enjoying and purchasing stiff like operations, the skins, playing the gamemodes, etc. Than ppl grinding faceit to win elo..m
2020-12-04 12:54
I just want to know if there's something like maybe cache can be seen being played or anything
2020-12-04 11:56
Hey, gabeN here And "pro scene", hahaha who cars for that thing
2020-12-04 11:52
United Kingdom galaxyv2
its not operations have always supported casual gamers with the whole 64tick mm support and coop missions and shit like that the ping system could be useful for like puggers I guess but valve has never once supported dedicated team cs players or hardcore puggers
2020-12-04 12:02
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Sweden Lagge15
The Premium mm might help youngsters get more team sense early on in their mindset which might help the pro scene in the future. But it is a bit of a stretch and won't have any effect on the pro scene for at least 3 years
2020-12-04 12:09
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United Kingdom galaxyv2
this might be true but idk how far it will help i doubt a new player would care about any other stat apart from kd and the win tbh, which is a bit sad hopefully, it does push this line of thinking though
2020-12-04 12:12
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Sweden Lagge15
That's my biggest issue with week 1 missions. Almost all are kill based, and either without weapon restriction or with most commonly used weapons. This is actually damaging the game, since the players will get rewarded for running, gunning and dying instead of round wins and surviving.
2020-12-04 12:16
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United Kingdom galaxyv2
yeah I hope any new players who are actually interested in the game transfer over and use user-generated community content before they get stuck on playing the dogshit mm system lmao
2020-12-04 12:19
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wdym by uder-generated content?
2020-12-04 12:38
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United Kingdom galaxyv2
ffa, execute, retake servers pugging platforms like faceit and esea including hubs etc r/recruitcs and scrimming sites such as pcw and
2020-12-04 12:48
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I agree, but like why cant valve implement these servers well? Like this retake is too slow compared to others.
2020-12-04 13:59
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Sweden Lagge15
They seem to start now with operation broken Fang. Premium mm and retake servers
2020-12-04 19:03
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yes but poor application. retakes should be quick, but it feels quite slow. Premium mm is ehh
2020-12-04 19:21
I mean as you can read on hltv every day a million times, ppl care most about kd and rating, almost every support player/anchor or whatever gets called shit, everyone wants to see the lowfragging igls kicked and so on....what a surprise ur avg faceit player is a toxic fraghunting piece of shit
2020-12-04 12:56
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United Kingdom galaxyv2
yeah i mean its sad but it is what it is
2020-12-04 13:31
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Just makes me wanna play less a competitive person, love to play multiplayer games for ranking up, winning elo, etc....but all those toxic idiots around are really destroying the experience for me..
2020-12-04 15:09
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United Kingdom galaxyv2
honestly, this is why I don't pug i got level 10 and never played a pug since just playing on teams with people with an actual sense of teamwork is so much better i understand your pain my friend
2020-12-04 15:55
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Well i usually duo or triple q....only solo like once a month at best...i just dont enjoy it as much although i usually perform better in solos
2020-12-04 16:38
operation brings in new players, some of the new players will watch the pro games because they want to see how the best play among other reasons
2020-12-04 12:03
operations aren't meant to benefit the pro scene or its viewers. However, they will bring in more players which leads to more viewer numbers for the pro scene which leads to more money which might lead to improvements overall.
2020-12-04 12:06
Brazil RmM_oo
updateis hehehehe
2020-12-04 12:42
That’s not the point of an operation. But an esports scene is based around a game so if the game has good updates so more people play the game that can have an advantage in the form of potential new players or even players. Kinda logic men)))))
2020-12-04 12:56
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#8 :(
2020-12-04 13:02
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Ancient replacing mirage, heard it here first))))) Realistically wouldn’t be the First time valve throws something in the competitive mappool without finishing the map so you never know if they’re going to change anything.
2020-12-04 13:09
Asia loveall
Why they would even want the benefits for viewers, they just need more players and $ ? Also I don't know what beneficial can you want in the updates for viewers.
2020-12-04 14:03
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