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144hz monitor help?
Grim | 
Finland ilikecereal61 
Broke my 144hz cheap monitor a few months back and now buying a new one. What do you recommend? Pricewise something around 300 euro max but if it has good merits I can go over.
2020-12-05 15:47
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Germany I_car
What did you do to the monitor wtf?
2020-12-05 15:49
17 replies
Threw my headphones at the table with so much force the metal part of HyperX Cloud Alpha hit the monitor haha
2020-12-05 15:50
16 replies
Maybe invest that monitor money into therapy instead.
2020-12-05 15:53
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United States bakkadilla
2020-12-05 15:55
2020-12-05 15:57
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We all get tilted at CS sometimes and that's fair enough, it can be a frustrating game. But you've gotta have the mental age of a toddler to break same the things you use to play CS.
2020-12-05 15:59
2020-12-05 16:04
Germany G3er
underrated comment
2020-12-05 16:04
lmao agreed, i got anger management issues when playing tired. never broken anything else. point isn't that though, the point is that i want a new monitor
2020-12-05 16:15
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#12 And a sidenote, learn to deal with the tilt. It'll save you in terms of both money and losing games. Also, is this you?
2020-12-05 16:24
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the tilt isnt a problem if im not hungry or tired. i used to have that but learnt to control it
2020-12-05 16:26
2020-12-05 16:17
Senegal Koldunas
2020-12-05 16:23
2020-12-05 17:09
+1 Can't go wrong
2020-12-05 17:09
Sweden Rheniel
2020-12-05 21:16
+1 lmao
2020-12-05 21:16
What kind of shit aim do you have that the headphones end up in the monitor instead of the desk? Probably bad cs player as well.
2020-12-05 21:19
I recommend buying a 30hz monitor instead, human eye can't see more than 30 fps anyway
2020-12-05 15:49
1 reply
but two eyes means 60hz, so he needs 60hz monitor not 30hz monitor i understand you want to outfrag him, but come on
2020-12-05 16:05
You dont deserve a new one
2020-12-05 15:50
1 reply
(((( men
2020-12-05 15:53
Czech Republic Richiiee
Buy ZOWIE XL2411K 144Hz
2020-12-05 15:54
1 reply
yeah i'm looking into it now and a couple of my friends recommend it, looks good so far
2020-12-05 16:26
If you want to have WQHD (2K): MSI MAG271CQR-
2020-12-05 15:56
United Kingdom fal36
Benq mobius 144hz
2020-12-05 16:08
what is finnish technology market site ?
2020-12-05 16:13
1 reply Good prices but only few physical stores Not a problem if you are gonna order online anyway though ( and more common but may be a bit more expensive)
2020-12-05 21:19
Interested in buying my Zowie XL2411P? Bought it in march and want to upgrade to 240 hz
2020-12-05 16:15
2 replies
I prefer unused monitors haha, got bad experience with 2nd hand ones
2020-12-05 16:17
1 reply
yea understandable. such one i have is for 190€ on amazon, can recommend it
2020-12-05 16:20
1440p? Should be possible for about 300 bucks Also there just came out a bunch of 165 or mb 180hz monitors lately, maybe look into those
2020-12-05 16:23
k1to | 
Austria eights
dunno but I have the same monitor mens)
2020-12-05 16:27
buy maybe Asus Tuf vg249q
2020-12-05 16:28
2 replies
yeah it looks really good too
2020-12-05 17:07
1 reply
idk, its better option if u ask me brader, has same spec's like zowie, its more cheap and dont have shit colors like zowie
2020-12-05 21:12
ropz | 
Romania Laskof
xl2411k looks like best option
2020-12-05 17:11
59 hZ and u can go
2020-12-05 21:14
breaking a monitor because of competitive cooldown lmao
2020-12-05 21:14
1 reply
cooldown was after the breakage )
2020-12-05 21:21
I have the XL2411P for like half a year and can only recommend, have no problem with it at all. Maybe you could try the newer XL2411K, or just look for 240Hz? For around 300 bucks you can actually get cheaper 240Hz
2020-12-05 21:25
bunch of snowflakes in the comment section, keep your head high king, happens even to the best of us. Maybe go for benq xl-series, around your price range and it's pretty alright for it's price
2020-12-05 21:32
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