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Jobs at young age
Singapore Am2de 
So, I am 20 and I still don't have any job. My parents don't allow me to do parttime job, they want me to focus on study. I get monthly allowance which is pretty high compared to my need (I usually save 55-60% of allowance every month). They think I should get job once I finish my university so I can get better job at some excellent firm. But I have seen in many western countries that students usually support himself rather than getting financial help from parents. If you were a parent, would you say your kid to support himself/herself on his/her own during university or would you support him/her financially so he/she can focus on study.
2020-12-05 23:33
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If I had the conditions ofc I would fully support him
2020-12-05 23:35
Be happy lol,college/university life without parents help can be miserable
2020-12-05 23:36
Finland 0lter
Never got an allowance Get a job bum
2020-12-05 23:37
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collect UBI in finland u mean
2020-12-05 23:45
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Finland 0lter
??? what? finland doesnt have ubi autist
2020-12-06 02:47
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oh shit it was a trial that explains why ence is terrible now, and a distinct lack of high quality finnish spurdo sparde memes
2020-12-06 02:59
yes only UTIs
2020-12-06 03:29
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Finland 0lter
Well actually UTIs are more common with people that have circumcised dicks and pretty much nobody in finland has circumcised dicks so USA prolly has lot of UTIs
2020-12-06 04:25
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why you heff to bully?
2020-12-06 04:25
Russia win73ry
I'd definitely support my child, so he could focus on studying, if I could, yeah.
2020-12-05 23:38
Gustav | 
Sweden günT
I mean it's not a bad alternative getting an allowance from your parents but I've seen it backfire too. Some high school friends of mine started uni right after graduation and then did nothing but study for 3 years. At that point they'd basically never worked an entire day in their lives which is not a great look if you're employing. No matter the field it's not to your advantage not having any work experience if you're 21-25 and looking to get a job.
2020-12-05 23:45
It's great that your parents are financially supporting you. Just, don't be that guy that has 0 work experience anywhere after finishing a 4+ year degree. Even at a coffee shop or mcdonalds look's good on CVs.
2020-12-05 23:46
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis
I'm 20yo jobless student myself. I could get a part time job (4 hours a day), but that would interfere with my studies for sure
2020-12-05 23:55
2020-12-05 23:57
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+1 Great advice. My parents have always helped support me, but also made sure I worked. Started working at 14 and no gaps in employment even in college. I am now going back to school for my third degree and am still working.
2020-12-06 03:38
Saudi Arabia Xpicyy
2020-12-06 05:39
Get a job. Gives you real world experience and teaches you how to communicate and deal with problems. Studying doesn't teach that.
2020-12-06 00:03
parents usually work so they can provide and support their children
2020-12-06 00:07
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stop using names of people that you "might" know in real life.. u are a scum and scums eat dirt
2020-12-06 03:46
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Error 404: Brain not found
2020-12-06 12:12
You get an allowance at 20 years old, what kind of family you gots man trade with me. And I would support my kid if he tried but couldn't find a job, but realistically a lot of parents don't care as long as you're doing something with your life.
2020-12-06 03:34
Brazil chico12
i work since 14 :/
2020-12-06 03:43
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Where u work
2020-12-06 03:44
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Brazil chico12
butchery/bbq store
2020-12-06 04:07
Asia Blitzer
GET A JOB the younger you start to work the better a degree is just a piece of paper
2020-12-06 03:45
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United Kingdom browafak
a piece of paper that gets you a lot more paper than people without the piece of paper
2020-12-06 04:14
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Asia Blitzer
aren't we discussing having a job while attending university vs no job while attending university? because this is what I was referring to even with a shity part-time you will learn real world experience and deal with problems/ppl while earning some money in the middle with the increasingly competitive labor market it is crucial to be proactive and do things before finish the degree (as irrelevant as they may seem ) fresh graduates, where i work, who do not know how to speak a word are common. it's embarrassing
2020-12-06 05:15
Lebanon Dogman69
no point in getting a shit job because it's a job lol
2020-12-06 03:46
Japan tatsumi
im 17 but I work at Walmart
2020-12-06 03:46
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Turkey 69kagan
tell me a funny story you had during work please mens :)
2020-12-06 04:12
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Japan tatsumi
only funny thing that happened was that one guy showed up to work high
2020-12-06 05:36
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Turkey 69kagan
One of my first times ever at wal-mart I saw this random little kid in the freezer
2020-12-06 19:33
I'd help him, but a part time job(around 4 hours) would also help tbh.
2020-12-06 03:53
id pay for my kids living expenses and car that is it they need to understand responsibility
2020-12-06 04:22
Just get job that involves some sort of physical activity but less to none brainactivity. If you pair it that way it really shouldnt interfere with ur studiesat all. Mb try newspaperdelivery if thats an option, or if you live in a part of the world where snow is a thing, jsut ask your neighbours if you can take care of getting the snow from theirs pavements. Thats something you can do in the morning, it gety you phsically active and even might help to get you head clear while you do it. Pair those activities with some good music on ur cellphone and u might even start to like the work, especially if its well paid. What actually might not be the case in theese to examples. Other option would be some lowlevel prodction facility, wich can be utterly boring but most of the times its much better paid and weather isnt a thing. I hope this helped.
2020-12-06 04:34
United Kingdom 3Head
my father pays for my food/most leisure activities I do. I'm at uni and I can only get a loan of 4k from the govt which is less than my house at uni per year.
2020-12-06 05:11
2020-12-06 05:13
If your parents are willing to cover your studies entirely without you working take full advantage of it. Assuming you are doing a degree that will allow you to get a pretty good job then there is not point in doing a job mid studies. It will just hurt your studies and not give you anything of value. What I mean by that is you won't be able to get a skilled job without a degree (comparable to the jobs you can get after completing your studies), and so potential employers won't really care. Not only that, but because it's so different the experience won't really be comparable either. What you can do is look for internship opportunities mid studies or during breaks. Those can give you more insight or career paths and give you more relevant work experience. Yes it isn't paid, but money isn't an issue for you (clearly), and it could help a lot with future employment, especially at more well reputed firms.
2020-12-06 05:25
It should be the parents responsibility to pay for their kid up until the kid finishes university and can get a normal job
2020-12-06 05:25
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United States Nvucovich
unless american, give the kid debt that they will never break free of, or let them go to trade school so they can retire at 60
2020-12-06 12:14
studying is your job rn so you already have a job
2020-12-06 12:16
"jobs at young age" when you think op is 15-18, but he is already 20. grow up. man up.
2020-12-06 19:34
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