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United States fowlyz 
Only reason they lost was because leo was having a very bad game on train. If leo played at his best on that last map while everyone else played the same I think MIBR would have won.
2020-12-06 02:42
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2020-12-06 02:45
If leo played. If leo didnt. If if if... In another reality kng gets only 20 kills and its gg anyway. We live in reality where OG have won. That is all u need to know.
2020-12-06 02:46
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United States fowlyz
I can guarantee you kng drops more than 20 frags even if leo plays great. I'm just saying if leo did better at holding b site or not dieing to pistols then MIBR would have took that match.
2020-12-06 02:48
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replay that match 100 times and kng would get almost 40 bomb only in 20 games at best. This argument doesnt work here bcuz leo playing this bad is not usual just like kng doing 40 bomb.
2020-12-06 03:46
Brazil chad47
leo is bad so is miBr soso mibr awful guys no respect for them furia brazil proud not vac banned xiter like v$m
2020-12-06 02:51
Lmao almost every comment just go deleted, i just wanted to say sth
2020-12-06 02:56
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Yeh, mine got deleted and i dont ever remember what I wrote. LMAO
2020-12-06 03:00
Yeh, mine got deleted and i dont ever remember what I wrote. LMAO
2020-12-06 03:00
That's a stupid thing to say man. In life you should never think with the "What if" mentality. What if mantuu had a better game? I mean he played well, but missed some easy awp shots, which isn't normal for him. Also MIBR had very many rounds on train where they got kinda lucky. Still think that mibr played a great tournament and nobody would've expected this before the tournament.
2020-12-06 03:05
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