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astralis fanboy spotted
m0NESY | 
Germany meljan 
bruh im sick of pimp, hes like so mad navi picked nuke against astralis, hes so annoying, just keeps whining.
2020-12-08 21:38
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navi won nuke like 16-5 the last 3 maps, so idk why they wouldn't do it xd
2020-12-08 21:39
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he just fucking said, indirectly, they are retards for picking nuke, its so annoying
2020-12-08 21:41
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device | 
Denmark JKTP
Because Navi infamously struggled Against Glaive astralis on Nuke Just because navi won the last 3 maps on Nuke doesn't mean they will do well against Glaive
2020-12-08 21:42
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im talking about pimp not giving any chance to navi on nuke, and that aged well.
2020-12-10 08:39
Glaive igl back, gonna be litttttt
2020-12-08 21:41
You just don't do that against Astralis. You have to show some respect.
2020-12-08 21:43
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was said when they picked overpass as well and look how the cards have played than
2020-12-08 21:45
what respect? for what? its a map in competitive pool and both are top tier teams what respect u talk about?
2020-12-10 08:40
device | 
Denmark JKTP
What, why do people complain when analysts make actual good analysis?
2020-12-08 21:42
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we will see
2020-12-08 21:43
aged well
2020-12-10 08:41
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device | 
Denmark JKTP
I guess? Navi had prepared a strong CT side. But 16-12 for navi is a bit underwhelming when s1mple and electronic are playing out of there mind
2020-12-10 10:02
1 reply
thats actual good analysis not bullshit pimp talks
2020-12-10 18:05
like who cares anyway, they are playing with new player and they will have other gameplan maybe (its still booml4 and his last 20 second strats)
2020-12-08 21:44
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booml4 is improving
2020-12-10 08:50
stopped reading at Pimp. I don't want to hear about this annoying dumb
2020-12-08 21:46
I mean he's Danish. What do you expect lmao.
2020-12-10 08:43
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