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niko | 
Russia jermansxd 
xaxaxa even poka won the map and someone calls him top 1 srly ?
2020-12-14 18:18
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ZywOo | 
Singapore nSuyyy
he just play for fun, with music
2020-12-14 18:19
Japan decyphered
when did he start consistently getting 40k viewers?
2020-12-14 18:19
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recently i think
2020-12-14 18:30
Russia derlegend
how old are you dumb
2020-12-14 18:20
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2020-12-14 18:30
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Russia derlegend
and what idiot
2020-12-14 22:51
2020-12-15 00:17
Japan Cannon12
he just play for fun. No one won him at aim 1v1. Only with woxic draw 1-1
2020-12-14 18:21
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woxic destoryed him on 3 or 4 bo3 in a row and earned 5000$ and then lost one without losing any money. And recently xantares destroyed simple on aim map 2-0 (16-3, 16-11). Streamers like buster, poka were able to take map from him. He is far from the best aimer rn.
2020-12-14 23:04
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Ukraine VladX3
his gamesense on the map and awping is what makes him the best
2020-12-14 23:56
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Im not an aim map fan as well. Just dont like people are writing without knowing anything.
2020-12-15 00:16
He destroys everyone on the server, so who cares about shitty 1v1s.
2020-12-15 00:00
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2020-12-15 00:16
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Yea, but you still said ''he is far from the best aimer rn'' while in real games he shows that he's better than all of those players. And don't start about ''baiting'' cause it has nothing to do with it.
2020-12-15 00:20
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How cant u understand that I was talking about it in the context of the aim map not the real match.
2020-12-15 12:50
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It's too random anyway and I'm not sure if he was tryharding. Xantares played very safely btw, waiting for s1mple to peek.
2020-12-15 13:11
Cause now he doesnt have anyone to bait, if he was good he would just win that and not lose so badly
2020-12-15 00:29
Denmark dyinbyran
Wait did you not laugh at dev1ce when he lost the omen challenge or was it some other guy
2020-12-15 11:36
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Hmm, not directly I suppose, I might have used that when arguing with some haters, particularly ''angry'' danes or fakeflaggers, sry :D
2020-12-15 11:42
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Denmark dyinbyran
#22 lol you did it right here in the same thread, so a 1v1 is important only when s1mple wins i guess?
2020-12-15 14:59
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I'm joking around in some responses, wasn't mean at all Look even on the next response #36 just playing along with some users
2020-12-15 16:34
2020-12-14 23:55
shroud nearly defeated him with 150 ping.
2020-12-15 16:38
Why are you so obsessed with S1mple?
2020-12-14 18:21
2020-12-14 18:21
2020-12-14 18:24
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2020-12-15 16:40
expected from s0mple!
2020-12-14 18:25
Lithuania 7000won
dev1ce was like a little girl vs s1mple on aim map
2020-12-14 18:26
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do you mean zonic
2020-12-14 22:53
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Serbia LtN))
omen challenge if u remember s1mple won device 13-5
2020-12-14 23:04
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unfair for device to play 1v1 against undertaker himself
2020-12-15 00:02
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undertaker who lost to 1g xD
2020-12-15 11:31
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it was flamie using undertakers PC
2020-12-15 11:34
Who would car about a sponsor "omen challenge" when you literally won your 3rd Major in a row/4th Major last week
2020-12-15 00:03
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nice excuse.
2020-12-15 00:35
Didn't He lose vs summit1g too?
2020-12-14 18:27
United States fowlyz
It's clear s1mple doesn't give a fuck about these 1v1s he's doing. The only time he tried in a 1v1 was the omen challenge and he won that.
2020-12-15 00:05
who cares about aim map, in this game everyone can shoot, gamesence more matter than aim
2020-12-15 00:11
s1mple is no namer, stadodo like 30 times better just kidding guys dont get triggered
2020-12-15 00:26
ppl still thinking these kinds of "aim map" means something must've overhyped tenz
2020-12-15 00:38 - 1st map he didn't try hard, but still took 13 rounds against poka - 2nd map he found FPL game and started playing seriously to finish the game faster
2020-12-15 11:29
Aim map is useless, they are play and training another maps
2020-12-15 11:39
2020-12-15 16:44
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