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Europe Scyla 
How do you leave it as a SolOQ player. Even with 3k elo in my team I have to carry...
2020-12-28 04:38
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u dont. Give up on cs and pursue something more fulfilling is my lv 10 advice
2020-12-28 04:41
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but how can people get 3k elo and be bad. My highest elo was only 2.6k but I always soloQ and always have 1.40 KD average last 20 games. then I see 3k elo with 0.90 KD and 16 avg frags in my team...
2020-12-28 04:43
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if u have 1.4 kd imo u are baiting, so just try to be more proactive with how ur playing
2020-12-28 04:45
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I dont think I bait. I usually play awp ct side and only AK t-side. Im not a very smart player but I think I HAVE very good aim. People dont say im baiter but sometimes Im so toxic because Im playing with people with literally 0 IQ Dont want to be racist but 95% of them are russians, is like they have IQ of 80?
2020-12-28 04:47
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if your KD is 1.4 and you are not gaining elo then either you're baiting, or your frags have no impact. with 1.4 kd you should be climbing. and maybe stop being toxic as you said. probably makes your team play worse
2020-12-28 05:17
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+1 listen to this smart men)
2020-12-28 05:27
+1 hate it when there are so many people with 26avg kills and 1.4kd muted and if u lose 1 round or u dont do exactly as they say they troll instantly, dont be that guy
2020-12-28 05:33
Korea zeppyxdxd
im lvl 5 and i cba playing csgo at this point, both mm and faceit is cancer for me
2020-12-28 04:58
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play cs for fun
2020-12-28 04:59
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Korea zeppyxdxd
hard to play for fun when im only playing alone
2020-12-28 05:01
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play yakuza 0 for fun and good story, mechanics, graphics, songs, ost, karaoke, and everything else a game has to offer
2020-12-28 05:19
from 1925 elo im 1550 now in 2 weeks full cancer ruskies, polish, turks, etc. 1.20 kd 1800 matches, 21 avg last 20 games. soloQ premium. Cheaters with 100 matches, premades with lvl 10 and lvl 4 in team where lvl 4 makes 30 frags and 2200 elo 10 frags. Im so dont with faceit i deleted csgo several times i think ill move to LoL. Full cancer i cant stand it anymore.
2020-12-28 05:07
i see ppl in 2k-3k elo all the time having 0 utility damage playing b site on inferno. i cant believe how many all aim 0 brian players there are...
2020-12-28 05:29
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+1 and most of them are russians, turkish and romanians
2020-12-28 05:31
There are so many boosted people in level 10 in 2.5-3k elo
2020-12-28 05:30
if you believe you are better then ur current rank, statistically you will rank up eventually.
2020-12-28 05:30
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