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am I top 13 ?
France poulpup 
omg mens if hltv noticed my 1.5 rating against gold nova they might give me number 13 /o\ I didn't even send them a nice picture for the article yet :(
2021-01-07 20:55
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sad pepega
2021-01-07 20:56
omegalul when I played lvl 8-9 I posted 1.3-1.4 rating 90% of the games
2021-01-07 20:57
Here is my predictions 1-ZywOo (gonna be close but zywoo edge'd s1mple this year) 2-s1mple 3-8 random order device NiKo blameF ropz electronic syrsoN 9-13 random order stavn magisk EliGe XANTARES dupreeh
2021-01-07 20:58
Romania En!gma0
This year's top 20 is more of a popular vote than a contest of stats as most teams competed on different scenes.
2021-01-07 20:59
you are right every gold nova > na scene you must be top 10 at least
2021-01-07 21:02
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