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Liquid Biggest Brain
United States official_iq_tester 
Positives of Liquid signing FalleN -Get most of the giant Brazilian fanbase (FURIA is questionable right now, other teams irrelevant) -That fanbase will buy merch (making them money) -More sponsors (including new Brazilian sponsors) -Twistzz still has a lot of people that like him and will be streaming under the Liquid banner for a while this and they might preform better? EZ money for Liquid
2021-01-10 21:53
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Portugal SyruzZ
2021-01-10 21:55
Myanmar Guzhas
true, but they won't perform better lol
2021-01-10 21:57
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Brazil IguiN
I don't get how ppl think FalleN is dead, he still a beast.
2021-01-14 14:11
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Finland Khroni
individually good but tactics wise not so much, there has to be a reason they were losing to so many low tier teams and it cant really be down to individual skill with kng, trk and fallen on the roster
2021-01-19 17:24
Also Fallen top 3 igl
2021-01-10 21:59
14 replies
Maybe in 2016 Mr. Binotto He needs to do some serious catching up
2021-01-10 22:07
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his competition is boombot tabsen cadian nexa botf and karrigan IMO none of them are insane like gla1ve or apEX karrigan is a ? cuz mouz hasn't played much in t1 events recently. Only one being Fall Finals where they lost to vita and astralis.
2021-01-10 22:17
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I agree and honestly nobody here knows what an igl should have as skills.
2021-01-10 22:28
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IGL is just an excuse role like support. the only requirement is bottomfragging the server each match (you can have 1 really good game every 10 bad ones). skills: be the bait
2021-01-14 04:35
2021-01-10 23:00
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Same as karrigan personally I feel like aleksi is overrated af
2021-01-10 23:37
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Australia Kuunto
Aleksi is a god, just needs the whole team in a good mood also
2021-01-11 03:14
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we'll see when lans come back
2021-01-11 03:16
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Australia Kuunto
Indeed we shall good fellow
2021-01-11 03:45
Its easy to say he is overrated, but forget the teammates he has to work with. Definetely going to give gla1ve a run for his money when he eventually gets to lead real top tier players. It's going to happen sooner or later.
2021-01-11 09:52
Nice favourite player Portugal forever <3
2021-01-10 23:39
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Is he furry?
2021-01-11 08:28
Okay maybe top 5.
2021-01-10 23:52
Ferrari fan spotted!!!))))
2021-01-14 05:09
Until the brazilian fans will see that the team doesn't achieve anything. they will probably support the new team of trk, lucas, hen1, etc instead
2021-01-10 22:00
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Brazil batatoka
Dude, brazillian cheers for mibr since 2018... U think that a team that doesnt win is something new?
2021-01-10 22:21
3 replies
I think there is a difference between a team of 5 brazilians and a team where there is 1 brazilian in it. For example I always cheered for BIG even though they were shit, but when a single german player is in a random international team I wouldn't care much about it.
2021-01-10 22:26
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People like Fallen a lot around here, no offense mens but you're probably wrong. I for instance like Cold and am still cheering for FaZe... but yeah, I agree that if they start losing too much less hardcore fans will jump out of the ship, specially if an all brazilian team starts to perform well on t1
2021-01-10 22:58
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That mibr team won't beat Liquid for quite some time. We saw what happened when they played Liquid recently. 13-2 CT side on Dust 2 for Liquid.
2021-01-11 00:15
cons: downgrade IGL (fallen hasn't been a decent IGL for 2+ years) ruin team chemistry somewhat likely that Fallen has lost motivation and will never go near his peak mechanical skill Fallen is old so he could retire soon
2021-01-10 22:01
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Wasn't it up in the air as to whether he would IGL? FalleN has fans and he wants to perform for them If he doesn't perform he will retire, though HOWEVER liquid still make EZ money
2021-01-10 22:12
The lost of motivation could've been originated by the Mibr CEO and how he treated the team along these years. Now we know.
2021-01-10 22:14
another con: terrible, toxic fanbase that adds more pressure to the players
2021-01-10 23:05
sh1ro | 
Argentina Xaby
Fer is the one who ruin team chemistry
2021-01-10 23:20
1. I don't think it is a downgrade at all, the worst would be equivalent to the hit-or-miss 2020 stewie, but most likely will be better with his experiences. 2. How does he ruin team chemistry? The team chemistry hasn't been that great since end of 2019 so Fallen could actually be the missing puzzle to pull everyone together. He is more like a big brother that can share many valuable experiences to young prodigy like Grim. 3. Fallen doesn't really need to be at his peak to play in a team like Liquid. They have so much mechanical skills already and what really need is the insightful knowledge and guidance from an experienced player like Fallen. 4. This is probably the only big downside I can see from signing Fallen. However, with his playstyle, I think Fallen can still play high level cs pro for at least 2 more years. And after that they have a lot of options to replace him. So even though this could be a concern, it shouldn't be a big worry.
2021-01-11 00:00
Fallen has everything Liquid needs in terms of roles so the upside is too good to pass on. Don't know why people hate on this move despite that.
2021-01-11 00:31
1 reply
he is only there cuz he can awp decently, he has been a bad IGL for past 3 years
2021-01-19 17:16
Brazil hugoooo
Yeah, they had good experiences with Brazilians already, with the R6 lineup and Rakin (from LoL) as streamer, so they know how BR fanbase is active and how much merch they will sell here. Liquid is constantly signing more Brazilians, for sure it's working, and on the CS case, FalleN has true potential to fix their leading AND awping problems, it's the famous "Kill two birds with one stone"
2021-01-10 22:01
5Head Clap exquisite strategy by steve and nazgul
2021-01-10 22:15
They gonna anounce Liquid BR soon Liquid bestest org they got Liquid NA liquid BR and liquid Biceps
2021-01-10 22:18
4 replies
i forgot about liquid biceps lmao
2021-01-10 22:21
And where is liquid Netherlands......... Biggest Dutch org and doesn’t even support the Local scene
2021-01-10 22:23
2 replies You seriously think they will support dutch scene after that?
2021-01-10 22:47
1 reply
When Chris gets kicked from Mouz (prob around 2050) he should go teach some kids u know, maybe they do something interesting and get ace like that))))
2021-01-11 00:08
yea biggest brain but they still have Grim LULW NA Brain lag
2021-01-10 22:27
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4 replies
no point to talk with US brain they always think they understand in CS when we all know theyre pure T_ R_ A _ S _ H
2021-01-10 22:38 Liquid is supposed to be top10 team. This doesnt look that good tbh. But stewie IGL and grim is new to t1 especially proper T1 not what you guys call t1 there in NA
2021-01-10 23:30
2 replies
Thanks for providing an explanation unlike the guy above! I do think Grim needs more time in proper T1, and 1.03 rating isn't horrid enough to warrant a kick of any kind.
2021-01-10 23:46
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I didnt say kick. He is supposed to be star in the making. but he didnt do really well in liquid either so far
2021-01-11 01:08
Canada JC_123
Grim is bound to be a top 5 player in 2-3 years mens
2021-01-10 22:39
1 reply
yea in NA maybe not in EU bruv
2021-01-10 22:40
grim looks like the IT guy so he should be smart
2021-01-11 00:10
test my iq
2021-01-10 22:43
4 replies
pay $100 this is a joke hltv mods i am not making money off your site that would be for betting sites
2021-01-10 22:52
3 replies
pussy too scared to see the absolute size of the megamind i am
2021-01-10 22:52
2 replies
i am :(
2021-01-10 22:53
1 reply
dont worry its normal :)
2021-01-10 22:53
do you really think that we will buy merch? a liquid hoodie is like 100$ , this is half of the minimum wage here
2021-01-10 22:57
4 replies
brazilians will only buy liquid merch if it comes to fallen store for 30% of the original price
2021-01-10 22:57
2 replies
They'll probably get a way to bring the merch to Brazil to sell for less than it is now
2021-01-11 00:16
1 reply
and problaly with low quality , just like MIBR clothes
2021-01-11 16:08
Brazil ovomexido
do you think that brazilians that watch CS is at the low bottom of the country ? lmao they will make a shit ton of money here
2021-01-14 14:07
2021 it's a easy year for Team Liquid with Fallen!! GG WP for the rest of the teams.
2021-01-10 23:09
finally a thread that makes sense
2021-01-10 23:10
yeah but if they arent top 5 its still a failure with the players they have even if its a money win
2021-01-10 23:10
Don't forget about scream who makes sure they get the valorant fanbase and papito biceps for them twitch viewers.
2021-01-10 23:12
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2021-01-10 23:50
If fallen plays well, then liquid will have potential to go back into form, but it’s crucial that fallen is motivated and actually brings something new to the team or else Astralis will keep dunking on them
2021-01-10 23:20
Who the hell buys CSGO merch lmao
2021-01-11 00:07
3 replies
Brazil hugoooo
2021-01-11 02:11
2 replies
lol that's just sad then. Imagine buying and wearing esport merch in public lmfao
2021-01-11 02:27
1 reply
Brazil hugoooo
They are merch just like any other real sport mech, I dunno what you're talking about
2021-01-11 02:35
Brazil DIctionary
so many 13 year old cs analists here. lets see how many do a living from it.
2021-01-11 00:11
+1 he would ruin the whole team
2021-01-11 00:44
They should've gotten junior instead
2021-01-11 02:28
2021-01-11 03:24
the biggest advantage is in terms of level of cs. twistzz is one of those guys that are soft, he lacks testosterone, he cares more about his hair than playing cs, choked sooo many times on big games, and a known baiter. liquid can be way better now. without nitro, hiko, twistzz etc liquid slowly got rid of the chokers, with this line now, they can be good or bad, but they clearly wont choke.
2021-01-11 03:41
fallen fixes the identity problem liquid has but fallens igl style is outdated
2021-01-11 08:30
+1 Never thought this one. Fallen is going to make liquid worse than now, but atleast they got new fans.
2021-01-11 08:43
gaules will be streaming liquid games too.
2021-01-11 10:15
yeah i was thinking about this the other day, whether or not the cs team performs as well as they want it to liquid is making a sick decision. the money they will get from this signing will pay for fallen 10 times over
2021-01-19 17:20
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