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Harden to Nets!
Bosnia and Herzegovina hercegoVAC_ 
Harden, Durant and Kyrie on a same team.... Nets still have no good defensive players which is their biggest problem Also how to manage offense with this trio? On paper we've never had 3 such a big superstars on one team How deep can they go in playoffs? What is their potential? discuss
2021-01-13 23:51
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I dont understand much about nba but it looks like it was an all in
2021-01-13 23:53
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Pretty much...
2021-01-13 23:53
Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
harden durant same team again also guy below me is gey
2021-01-14 00:00
basketball LOL ez katka boring sport 0 skills football#1
2021-01-14 00:02
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Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
hmmm football not boring is that you saying, do you know that guy ronaldinho?
2021-01-14 00:04
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Denmark dyinbyran
Hmmm nice Englandinho....
2021-01-14 05:20
United States vip3r_k1ng
Football #1 SOCCER is a 0/8
2021-01-14 02:36
Soccer - game where even if teams make trades only big clubs end up winning every single one of them lmao
2021-01-14 03:13
1 reply
sure, bayern was just knocked out by a second division club yesterday :D :D leicester says hi clearly u are 0 iq na
2021-01-14 16:13
Yeah, watch 22 players chasing down ball for 90 minutes just for a result to end up being 0-0 LMAO
2021-01-14 10:21
2021-01-14 00:05
mir | 
Russia pvcure13
who to where?
2021-01-14 00:10
Finland kalza1
best trio in nba history if kyrie comes back
2021-01-14 00:11
NBA is a joke. All good players want to play on a super team instead of competing. Also NBA tries to jam social justice bs and politics down your throat. Didn't watch last year, won't watch this year. If Nets dont win 65+ games they're a joke.
2021-01-14 00:15
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Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
these players frigin siick who wants to play in terrible team, i mean they play big stakes if they lose they look like clowns, id want to have team with some sense if im playing like harden
2021-01-14 00:17
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They're going to be bad. No Chemistry. No floor general. 3 ball dominate players.
2021-01-14 00:23
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Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
they seem allright on oklahoma
2021-01-14 00:38
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Lol, completely different team. Harden wasn't even a starter
2021-01-14 02:30
Finland kalza1
to be honest kyrie might never come back
2021-01-14 10:37
CIS ShimonSS
you are a joke, how tf nets are supposed to win 65+ games when there are only 72 games in a season ???
2021-01-14 02:53
3 replies
There's 82. but ok. Warriors went 73-9 with their super team. MJ went 72-10. There's been 70+ teams that have won 60 games in a season. Who's the joke?
2021-01-14 03:11
2 replies
theyre only playing 72 games this season
2021-01-14 05:15
welcome to 2020 men. how many years did you miss
2021-01-14 13:12
They will win the finals.
2021-01-14 00:42
3 replies
prolly not because im looking at it shit chemistry and their bench is gone as well also no defense
2021-01-14 01:01
2 replies
2021-01-14 10:22
excacly that, also I don't think that harden will be ok playing with 2 other star players
2021-01-14 10:38
too many egos. just like faze
2021-01-14 00:44
faze = nets
2021-01-14 00:52
Who to what?
2021-01-14 02:33
Canada JC_123
if they hardened the nets the ball would not go through as smoothly
2021-01-14 03:02
1 reply
Makes sense
2021-01-14 03:24
Damn, Nets took an L. Enjoy your short term success, imagine trading LeVert, Prince and Allen. Monumental L for Nets. Not even gonna make Finals from competitive East.
2021-01-14 03:15
4 replies
Competitive East? All I see are chokers.
2021-01-14 03:25
Finland kalza1
I mean kinda true, shoulda just traded kyrie for harden I hope the nets can get some value of trading him with his personal issues. Maybe add some depth
2021-01-14 11:02
2 replies
Kyrie for Harden made way more sense but it is what it is. And how they gonna trade Allen who is much better than DeAndre Jordan lmao
2021-01-14 12:59
1 reply
Finland kalza1
allen probably had way more trade value than jordan, tho maybe the other team woulda not accepted the offer it it was jordan
2021-01-14 13:05
nets pulling another kevin garnett, paul pierce lmaoooo should be a free championship tho if they are all healthy for playoffs
2021-01-14 03:35
4 replies
ahahahahaha free championship my a** lol
2021-01-14 10:49
kevin garnet and paul pierce was old af these 3 are at their primes too bad kyrie has mental problems
2021-01-14 10:54
2 replies
well hope they can play 48 mins each game, because if they can't gl playing with trash bench. Out in second round probably
2021-01-14 12:28
1 reply
well, bench in the playoffs doesn't really matter. the stars will play most of the minutes anyways. the biggest problem is their ability to co-exist together. kyrie will most likely start bitching about his role, as harden and durant are way superior isolation scorers compared to him
2021-01-14 13:27
Brazil ZerongBr
Don't watch NBA, but from what I've seen, I reckon it is a big contender for the title this year
2021-01-14 03:42
6 replies
Finland kalza1
yea basically on paper its 1. Lakers 2. Nets 3. bucks/Nuggets maybe?
2021-01-14 10:38
5 replies
No they are not when you use more than 2 brain cells on paper it should be 1. Lakers 2. Clippers 3. Bucks 4. Celtics / Nuggets / Mavericks / Nets ... 32. Knicks
2021-01-14 12:31
4 replies
Finland kalza1
you already know clippers are megatrash, they will not achieve anything
2021-01-14 12:49
3 replies
As Lakers fan I would love to them stay megatrash, but they won't choke that bad again probably
2021-01-14 13:21
2 replies
Finland kalza1
ok I dont mean megatrash in the way like the fkin sacramento kings I mean megatrash in the way how they disappear in the playoffs. This start to this season has been identical to last season aswell. Strong first game against lakers, overall decent regular season, however, choking some games badly. Just watch. Clippers gonna majorly choke later in the season.
2021-01-14 15:30
1 reply
I really hope so
2021-01-14 15:51
damn thats cool lakers in 6
2021-01-14 05:13
kyrie boutta retire so its basically kd and harden
2021-01-14 05:26
One thing that you have to understand is that in modern nba offence is the best defence. This is not Europe where the games are interesting. This is the NBA where the main attraction is the last 5 minutes, the commentators suck ass and games end 150-147. Still, I don't see how 3 S-tier players can co-exist in one team
2021-01-14 10:26
1 reply
"One thing that you have to understand is that in modern nba offence is the best defence" and thats the reason why the best defensive team won last year? btw last year the best offenive teams in numbers were buck - omegalul second was denver and 3rd clippers and winner lost to lakers(the best defensive team) portland was next and lost to lakers as well and the rest of top10 offensive teams? nets, wizards, suns, hawks, pacers - all omegalul you cant play just offence
2021-01-14 10:55
looks awesome on the paper, but wait till Kyrie does some stupid shit again he already begun, the worst is yet to come
2021-01-14 10:29
Again they need super team to beat Lebron xd inb4 fails because they have trash bench now
2021-01-14 10:40
I mean ... KD, Curry, Klay worked pretty well. But Kyrie is a little baby. That team will not work at all. They just got offensive power which might fall apart due to their behavior
2021-01-14 10:43
1 reply
KD, Curry, Klay worked all really great players off ball(even steph) so yea it worked. good luck with harden or irving playing off ball. they will be almost useless
2021-01-14 10:56
imo bad pick up for nets. both harden and irving needs a ball or they are useless and tbh durant wants it as well(but he is at least great player off ball unlike those 2). bad defence irving being irving no bench nash will not be able to handle this team imo but we will see
2021-01-14 10:49
Kyrie is not a "superstar".
2021-01-14 11:00
Kyrie is retiring LUL
2021-01-14 12:39
Serbia bra1np
and deandre man
2021-01-14 12:40
No worries bro. Kyrie will be missing for few seasons for personal reason KD will get injured again Harden will be asking for trade after he is all alone
2021-01-14 13:00
is this football if yes then who cares
2021-01-14 13:08
this is the shittiest big 3 ever but fits with the shittiest franchise ever. good day for basketball edit: houston gets 4 first rounders and 4 first round swaps for the fat beard princess xD
2021-01-14 13:16
Nets fuckt up everything they build last few years.... Rockets win big and deep Pacers 50/50 depends on the health of Levert cuz when he's healthy, he is amazing. Cavs ( HAHAHA) 5 bigs on the roster who want to play now, in a league where bigs don't matter anymore.
2021-01-14 13:17
1 reply
As a raptors fan, Wed happily take 1
2021-01-14 17:22
we had better trio in golden state steph>harden klay>kyrie old kd>kd nowadays
2021-01-14 13:19
new nets
2021-01-14 13:24
i mean does defense even exist in the nba anymore? its all about shooting 3s and 147-137 score lines.
2021-01-14 15:53
5 replies
the best defensive team last year won ring and is ranked 1st atm so yea. defence exists. also small ball doesnt work. look at rockets
2021-01-14 16:16
4 replies
i mean when you have lebron and monobrow ofcourse you got best defense and offense (ofcourse when it matters and lebron aint trying in the normal league I guess). small ball is shit ofc, but I mean defense aint that important as it used to be. If you have decent players on defence you can just outscore and win when you have kyrie, durant, and harden no? idk maybe I am stupid and have lost touch with basketball but anyways what we know for sure is that harden will hog the ball and fuck the team
2021-01-14 16:58
3 replies
harden, irving and durant are great players BUT irving and harden will be almost useless off the ball and vs teams that have good offence(not as good as offence of nets but still good) but also pretty good defence then im pretty sure that they will lose(especially in play off serie). irving and harden are very ball dominant players and durant wants ball as well so this imo just isnt good fit. their defence is crap(especially without allen) and their bench is also crap. imo this team will fail hard but thats just my opinion ofc. time will tell
2021-01-14 17:29
2 replies
durant should have just stayed on the warriors smh my head
2021-01-14 17:35
1 reply
he would never be considered as the best player in the world in that team bcs gsw was stacked. he went there for free rings... imo his goal in nets isnt to win another ring(even tho that he would surely like that) but imo his personal goal is just to dethrone lebron individually and be the best player in the league. another reason why i think that nets will not work
2021-01-14 18:04
2021-01-14 15:56
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