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Is it worth getting a console ? I never had console in my life but looking at the specs I'm pretty disappointed, PC equivalent specs are 3700x & 2070 super which is alright for now but it will struggle in few years when games will get more demanding and console players will be back to 30 fps which is yikes. PS5 is already struggling with previous titles and has quality mode for 30 fps and performance mode for 60 fps, the fact that it can't run previous games on quality mode with 60+ fps already says that the console is not that great I can't play AAA single player these games with under 90 fps these days and I play on 1440p monitor, even 60 fps looks choppy. I don't even mention that PC has superior picture quality and details compared to consoles because consoles runs with motion blur and medium graphics to make lower fps look better and smoother Is it even worth getting into consoles ? They were made for gaming but yet they are struggling with it.
2021-01-14 10:42
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no consoles are not worth it)
2021-01-14 10:44
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Your own one ? Tell me about your experience if you do.
2021-01-14 10:51
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i dont own console cause pc does the job better)
2021-01-14 11:08
Its annoying to play with controller and the monthly multiplayer fee is absurd. If you add everything up yyou spend on console throughout its lifetime, I doubt you are saving much of anything when you compare it to a decent pc. Unless sitting and playing on couch is a must I hardly find any reason to buy it.
2021-01-14 13:04
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Monthly multiplayer fee ??? You need to pay monthly to have access for multiplayer games ??
2021-01-14 13:08
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Wow, first time hearing about this
2021-01-14 15:35
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China Grenadr
rofl! you get good free games with psplus tho
2021-01-14 16:46
Reunion Esquinox
2021-01-14 18:11
You can't build a good PC with 400 dollars
2021-01-14 17:32
Kush | 
Netherlands RiberiA
Console is chill if you like couch based games and if you want to play games and relax. But for quality and more games, PC is defo above anything console. But PS has the best exclusives so. That's one reason to buy a console.
2021-01-14 10:52
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Kush | 
Netherlands RiberiA
But nah, I wouldn't buy a console.
2021-01-14 10:53
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Will there be some kind of ps5 pro in next few years ?
2021-01-14 12:10
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Don't know, but I do know it won't be worth the money.
2021-01-14 12:10
Of course there will be
2021-01-14 13:06
It is worth only for exclusives if u have powerfull PC and no intrest in exclusives just skip.
2021-01-14 10:54
I'm struggling with the same question. Just bought a native 120hz tv, and now Im figuring If I should buy a ps5 or get a gaming pc. I'll always tend to get a PC, but now Im thinking about the guests, my family's kids and etc...
2021-01-14 10:54
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mini-ITX PC set with wireless xbox controllers could do way better for your living room applications
2021-01-14 12:17
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Never thought of that, seems insteresting. Wich specs would you get for it ?
2021-01-14 12:26
there are plenty of fun couch games for pc and it's also real easy to add controllers to your pc so you and your guests/kids dont miss out on anything.
2021-01-14 12:17
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I'm starting to think about that, a mini itx would be a perfect fit. Any specs you would advise ?
2021-01-14 12:28
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in my small build i have a i5 7500 and a 1070 ti mini paired with 16gb ram and a 500gb ssd. i can play all family games on our tv with ease. I really believe that a mini itx or similar is the way to go because you have more options to choose from in regard of what you want to do with it.
2021-01-14 12:43
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Very nice, It wouldn't be that expensive aswell. Thank you very much! Mind If I ask what games do you usually play with your family?
2021-01-14 13:10
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mario kart 64 on emulator, moving out, minecraft, fifa, fall guys, overcooked, stardew valley and so on. not the most demanding games so this light and relatively cheap setup does the job quite well
2021-01-14 14:35
Unless you want to play exclusive games it literally makes zero sense getting a console.
2021-01-14 11:05
PS5 is not struggling with previous gen titles. It's simply because developers have to use a very unoptimized way to make old games run(better) - emulation. Emulation is extremely demanding. Pretty much every next gen game has run better on PS5 over Xbox so far (no emulation). If you think 60fps is choppy then console is not for you. Because this gen standard will be 30 and 60fps.
2021-01-14 11:09
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60fps is disappointing
2021-01-14 15:36
just stick to pc
2021-01-14 11:10
North America PhantomX
Stick to pc and when ps5 pro arrives(or the equivalent to ps4 pro) get it, there will be more games by then and the console will perform better
2021-01-14 11:17
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I will wait then
2021-01-14 15:36
I bought PS4 Pro last summer and was super worth it cause of amazing exclusives. But as for PS5, I would rather wait for pro or slim version
2021-01-14 11:29
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Alright will do, is there any multiplayer games you play on a console or do you use it only for single player
2021-01-14 15:37
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Usually I play single-player games on a console just cause using mouse+keyboard is so much better for competitive gaming and you get like 60-300 fps depending on the game which is impossible on the console. But I tried some games like Battlefront 2, FIFA games, Call of Duty and it's like meh honestly, PC gives a better experience.
2021-01-14 15:46
I have xbox one x which I tried to use as a gaming machine for the whole 5 minutes before I gave up. The only game I enjoy playing from time to time is Rocket League but thats it. It is a good netflix machine though
2021-01-14 12:28
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Brazil batcompany
I've had a Xbox One S for like two weeks, then I realized that I was only playing GTA and Rocket League.
2021-01-14 14:09
If you have friends or like to play casual, console for you. If youre true Chad gamer stick with pc
2021-01-14 12:49
i have a ps5 (and a good pc, so i'm not missing out on any games anyway now), last console i had was a ps2 so i got a lot of ps4 exclusive titles to play right now. there's a few really good single player games like god of war, horizon zero dawn and days gone so if you're into these types of games and/or in a similar situation as me i would definitely recommend it. i'm very glad i bought it. but if i would have owned a ps4 pro i probably would not upgrade yet.
2021-01-14 12:53
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Alright got it
2021-01-14 15:39
Along with a 4k TV it actually feels much more enjoyable than PC sometimes. U can just kick up ur feet and relax while playing. Also, Black Ops Cold War run at 4K 120 FPS and Ray-Tracing 60 FPS.
2021-01-14 12:55
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Call of duty is garbage tho
2021-01-14 16:41
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Well, doesn't change the fact that consoles are pretty fucking strong this generation, because the graphics are not shit.
2021-01-14 18:05
Console never struggles because most games are fully optimised for their hardware. Check PS4s latest games for example The last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. They look fucking awesome on a 4 TFLOP system with low RAM and a mediocre CPU. You cant find so good looking games elsewhere with a 4.2 TFLOP PC. Wanna know what is a 4.2 TFLOP GPU on PC ? Something less than an RX 570 ( RX 570 is 5TFLOP ) With PS5 you get 11TFLOP more or less, a fast drive, plenty of RAM. Can you imagine what those first party SONY studios will achieve this time around ? Damn !
2021-01-14 13:14
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Let’s see in few years
2021-01-14 16:42
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You already see games you wont see on PC. Demon souls/Spiderman looks amazing and PC has nothing similar to show off graphically as of yet. Cyberpunk might be up there but there isnt a port for PS5 to be compared, only for PS4. In 2024 youll get PS5 pro so dont think consoles as weaklings anymore. Imagine a game like Horizon, The last of us 3 or God of war 3 on a PS5 pro with 20TFLOP power or something...sadly , like previous generation, the first games that really look Next-gen comes first on consoles then on PCs.
2021-01-14 18:29
Indonesia LosD
maybe if i have console i just play like sport game(madden, fifa, 2k etc) so doesnt worth it for me
2021-01-14 13:13
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You arent into single player games i guess
2021-01-14 13:23
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Indonesia LosD
nah i dont play the fut or 2k park thing. i just play Career in Fifa, Franchise in 2k and League in MAdden
2021-01-14 13:29
Kazakhstan Massaget
Reasonable pc & console gamer here. Pros of console: -Playing singleplayer games with gamepad more enjoyable and convinient than mouse keyboard. -Exclusives. -Can forget about adjusting your settings for optimal one, devs made it for you. - Optimization - can be put almost everywhere Cons: - Idk, but for me it is hard to aim in multiplayer games (such as apex) with controller - games' price
2021-01-14 13:21
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Man, you know that all PC games can be played with the very same console gamepad right ? That is too old of a console pros. That was the case in 90s and maybe early 2000s
2021-01-14 13:25
2 replies
Kazakhstan Massaget
yeah, good luck with adaptive triggers and 3d vibration of ps5 on pc
2021-01-14 13:58
1 reply
Dude, do i play with a pad all my games ? Now you changed the narrative to if i have adaptive triggers ? Damn. I play with a pad on PC since mid 2000s and oyu saying in 2020 that PC gamers have to play with mouse and keyboard.
2021-01-14 14:02
The ps5 is pretty cool but idk if it's really worth it right now, it probably will be when it has more games. Anyway consoles>pc anytime
2021-01-14 14:03
World Beard43
Consoles have and will always be inferior to PC if you do a direct comparison like that, but they serve a different purpose. For casual gamers consoles are cheaper to buy and are simply plug and play. No settings or anything to adjust and no separate area need be setup for gaming, just buy the console and a game and sit on the couch and play. For actual gamers though, exclusive games are the only reason to buy a console. You can do everything else a console does much better on a PC and more.
2021-01-14 15:26
3 replies
Makes sense
2021-01-14 16:44
I smell bullshit. You clearly know nothing about it. Don't need accessories for console? LOL No settings to adjust? LOL PC is superior but that's only because it costs like 5 times what a console costs and because you can use it for all kinds of stuff. Console is only for gaming, PC is literally for everything.
2021-01-14 17:21
1 reply
World Beard43
Triggered much lol. I've been gaming for over 30 years now on both console and PC, I know plenty about it. I've never had, nor known anyone to have an issue on any console with simply loading a game and playing it, which is perfect for casual gamers. I'm not sure what settings you've had issues with but I'm sorry to hear that you find it difficult. I didn't mention accessories. I addressed the price difference. I'm not really sure what part of what I said that you disagree with except for the fact that you find setting up a console difficult for some reason.
2021-01-14 17:47
buy PS5 to play Gran turismo 7
2021-01-14 15:26
2 replies
I like the look of this game, I recently tried forza horizon 4 and had a blast
2021-01-14 16:43
1 reply
yeah, FH4 is a lot of fun. gran turismo would be more akin to forza motorsport though because the handling and car physics in GT is more realistic.
2021-01-14 16:47
it's not the same experiences... When I play PC i'm 100% into it. When I play PS5 it's for the story or with friends.
2021-01-14 15:38
usualy playing on consoles is more relaxing and since most play it from their couch or whatever they don't see the big differences you stated compared to PC gaming. So i'd say it's just for ppl who don't play competitive games or together with friends
2021-01-14 16:49
consoles hardware is different build and they run differently than PCs imagine that a 2005 launch xbox 360 can run gta 5, thats just because games are extremely well optimized for consoles first, and then PC gamers just get console ports basically. Not to mention the controls and integration which 90% of the time are better on console as a result Is it worth it to invest 4-6 times the console money for a top of the line PC that basically plays the same game, albeit on 60 fps and 8k and ultra graphics? That's for each person to decide
2021-01-14 16:55
2 replies
And how well does it run ? 30-60 fps ? Gta runs 170+ fps on ultra 1440p on my pc
2021-01-14 17:22
1 reply
dude of course it runs like shit. But the fact it runs at all on such an old device shows the insane difference in optimization of games between consoles and PC
2021-01-14 17:31
Console is better than pc gaming for casual gaming with friends for sure. I have easy 15 000 hours in various cs versions on pc but I can't wait to get a ps5. The ps5 combined with my LG OLED monster tv will be epic once games are being developed for the ps5. As of now I'm not sure there are games you can only play on ps5. Most games (if not all) are still designed for ps4 and graphics won't be epic yet. Already sold my ps4 to a colleague last Saint Nicholas thinking I could get a ps5 but fucking sony didn't make enough ps5's and now almost nobody is able to buy one. Already got all the accessories but no console ;/
2021-01-14 17:07
3 replies
What accessories do you need for ps5 ?
2021-01-14 17:23
2 replies
My tv is 1700€ , Headset: 260€ , Surround soundsystem: 2200€, And ofcourse the extra controllers 70€ each, games 70€ each, decent hdmi cable: 100+ Ofcourse you don't need a surround if you wanna have headphones on. And you sure can go as expensive as you want, but you also don't need a 3000€ PC and people still buy it. Why? To get the best experience possible and I can tell you, since I got that sound system and that TV: movies, series , videos-games are so much better. It's unreal.
2021-01-14 18:00
I'm guessing a wheel+pedals for racing, plus it also bound to be referring to his OLED gamer tv.
2021-01-14 20:10
It is all about the games. I've always been a computer gamer and not a console gamer, however despite consoles never being able to match a higher end computer there is still games on consoles that has me also going there. As I have been really busy with all sorts for some time I skipped the last console generation, but I will very likely get a PS5 and maybe also an XBOX. With them being backwards compatible there is lots of games on especially PS5 that I look forward to playing. Ie. each platform has its pros and cons, on the computer you have a machine that does more than just games and if you invest it will also be vastly superior in every way only it can run those console games. Also consoles are cheaper than computers and simpler to run, the later which can be an advantage for those less proficient with tech.
2021-01-14 17:32
Finland xEd123
If u want to play chill then consoles are for you
2021-01-14 18:07
Ukraine ksay
PS5 doesn't support 1440p it's very expensive if you're planning to play multiplatform games xbox is just better/cheaper as a main gaming platform (without pc) ps5 makes sense if you have a good PC, money and just want to play 1-2 Sony exclusives for few times a year
2021-01-14 18:13
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