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6. BaitF 5. Electric nick 4. NiKoKo 3. Ecovice 2. Zywho? 1. p0mple With HLTV seeming to weight katowice and the iem global challenge the highest, it seems likely that the navi players will get a boost from their performance in those events. It's unlikely that astralis' performance as a team will boost ecovice into the top 2 (unless if HLTV is being influenced by their ownership under astralis group), so he's likely to remain in the #3 position.
2021-01-15 00:13
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Let's be real though, Allu is the real #1
2021-01-15 00:13
Don't see me anywhere. List must be wrong
2021-01-15 00:15
Brazil Thorik
1 coldzera 2 felps 3 FalleN 4 arT 5 VINI 6 chelo
2021-01-15 00:15
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United States edemongo
7 honda
2021-01-15 00:41
Brazil Largato
+1 totally unbiased
2021-01-15 00:51
2021-01-15 02:05
of course 1. ZywOo ;)
2021-01-15 00:17
Denmark Notallama
Weighing the only two real LAN events in a year higher than the rest would make absolutely no sense, and the top ranking would have little credibility if they did. I'm also pretty sure they already mentioned on HLTV confirmed that it wasn't the case.
2021-01-15 00:19
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The 1st image here: Read Krimz's article - "Katowice and EPL-11 EVPs alone were enough to be beyond the peaks of most players." Read the Top-10 teams of 2020 article - Katowice had the heaviest impact, being the closest to a major in 2020.
2021-01-15 11:16
if they use this criteria in 2018-2019 with majors and big events dev1ce top 1 in 2018-2019 no doubt , and ecovice this year vs top 20 ecovice vs top 30
2021-01-15 00:23
how can someone even be serious about s1mple being top1 this year? He has half of the MVPs of Zywoo,
2021-01-15 00:30
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B-Bbut!!! he won katowice 2019!!!! he was the mvp as well!!!
2021-01-15 00:33
Zywoo, s1mple, device, blameF, niko, electronic.
2021-01-15 00:32
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
i agree with the list except I think ZywOo's 6 mvps will put him over s1mple who has only 2 mvps assuming katowice is treated like a major (even tho it isn't that level, but for the sake of this years ranking we can assume that) i don't recall a major mvp ever overtaking 5 extra "big event" mvps it could go either way tho
2021-01-15 00:35
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Exactly, in HLTV ranking Major MVP or winning Majors doesn't mean much... otherwise, device would have been top1 in 2018.
2021-01-15 11:11
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Probably in 2019, you are correct. In 2018, "there was no scope for any debate."
2021-01-15 11:21
Well yhea Dev1ce's major MVP (3x times the amount of MVPs s1mple had, only 1) in 2019 didn't even overtake s1mple. If we consider playoff ratings that year, dev1ce has 1.19 in 52 maps against s1mple's 1.24 in 28 maps : I think it was a mistake from HLTV to put him #3. But here they apply the same logic with 2>6 MVPs QUICK MATHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Though I believe ZywOo should be top #1 (for a lot of reasons why I explained in various threads, including mine). For 2018, I believe s1mple was #1.
2021-01-15 11:23
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device | 
Denmark 4vs0
i never disputed s1mple top 1 2018 where did that come from?
2021-01-15 21:00
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You didn't :D I was just pointing it out for some others who did.
2021-01-15 22:42
Except, CS_Summit6 isn't a big event this year. Other than the 8 elite events, there are 3 more big events (which are still big, but not so important) - DHM Winter, ESL One RTR, and Dreamhack Open Fall (confirmed by HLTV). Also, it's "4 extra MVPs", not 5. Also, it's not 4 extra "big event" MVPs. In elite events, ZywOo would have 3 MVPs and 2-3 EVPs, while s1mple would have 2 MVPs and 6 EVPs. Overall, RMR events and their MVPs are depreciated (explains why Navi was 2nd, and Vita was 3rd in 2020). And finally, s1mple leads in stats as well. In conclusion, it's really close. It could go either way. You just have to be open enough to see it. Have a nice day :)
2021-01-15 11:28
Brazil Largato
Zywoo 1st S2mple 2nd and the rest of the list is ok
2021-01-15 00:52
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fair, guess we'll see
2021-01-15 02:01
Poland r4v1x
2021-01-15 11:18
Korea ramza72
+1111 this very accurate list
2021-01-15 11:21
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you're not fooling anyone here !
2021-01-15 11:22
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