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Serbia bilostabrate 
Ever since I started playing cs I have a problem with headphones. I mean, Im fine with their quality but after playing for a few hours my haircut is fucked up. I go out everyday for a work and stuff so I need to wash my hair every time after playing cs, sometimes I was my hair a few times a day and its ao frustrating. Neckband/around neck headphones would be perfect for me but u cant find any gaming neckband headphones, there are all juat crap. Idk rly what to do anymore..
2021-01-15 04:55
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There are neckband Siberia headphones but they are not for gaming, just for music and stuff. I bought Hyperx Cloud 2 in monday hoping that maybe I can wear them in some other position where they dont touch top of my head but that juat doeant work and I will need to sell them..
2021-01-15 05:08
Live with the gamer hair dent my man, it'll be a flex in 5 years. Personally I think its hot
2021-01-15 05:00
Canada thechosen11
just use something like hyperx cloud earbuds??
2021-01-15 04:58
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Earbuds are terrible for your ears, much much worse than headphones because u put them directly into your ears. I dont wanna be deaf because of some stupid game :/
2021-01-15 05:06
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Yea thats true if you do that for like 8 hours per day and for years.. but if you play few times a week/ 3-4 hours each time then you should be fine. Also, the cloud 2 is very tight and they will fuck your hair up for sure. Seems like u didn't do enough research...
2021-01-15 05:52
United States ShawnM
wear a hat and put the headphones over the hat
2021-01-15 05:10
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Libya jowwen
smart but the hat creates a whole head dent
2021-01-15 05:12
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United States ShawnM
not for me personally
2021-01-15 05:12
2021-01-15 05:32
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ropz | 
India icle
What about a towel?
2021-01-15 05:38
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Imagine putting a towel each time you play cs rofl
2021-01-15 06:02
use razer hammer
2021-01-15 05:36
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2021-01-15 05:41
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well then stop complaining
2021-01-16 19:10
Dont play cs problem solved /closed
2021-01-15 06:03
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terrible solution 0/8. play any other game = same not just cs. and no game no life idiat
2021-01-15 15:50
0/8 Life is only 1 while cs is 1.6 :/
2021-01-15 17:24
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