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Dustin Higg's Death Penalty
NAF | 
United States excelsior!!!!! 
People on social media are saying he's innocent, if not most, but by a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court has cleared the way for the execution of Dustin Higgs, the 13th and final execution under the Trump administration. The main controversy surrounding Higgs's case is that Higgs did not personally kill any of the three victims. The man who fatally shot all three women to death, Willis Mark Haynes, was sentenced to life plus 45 years, while Higgs, who remained in a vehicle when the killings took place, received a death sentence. Should Higgs be executed, he could become the last person who will be executed by the United States federal government before a long pause. Despite being in favor of capital punishment in the past, president-elect of the United States Joe Biden opposes capital punishment in the United States, meaning it is highly unlikely anyone else will be executed by the federal government during his presidential term. Higgs's scheduled execution is / might have happened while i'm typing this. His death penalty has been delayed as I speak, do you think he deserves to die if he didn't commit the murder? There are hundreds of thousands of people who think no, but do what do you think? TL;DR , second paragraph :/
2021-01-16 07:07
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never solicit the death of someone else without forfeiting your own life eye for an eye, life for a life
2021-01-16 07:08
4 replies
The Lex talionis if one of the most retarded concept nowadays.
2021-01-16 10:05
3 replies
If there wasn’t such a harsh punishment, murder would be more appropriate to a prospective killer. Thinking that their crime might end their own life is the only prospect limiting them
2021-01-16 16:55
2 replies
That's why there is a very murder rate in western countries without death penalty and a high rate in shithole countries with dealth penalty like USA ?
2021-01-16 17:30
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post hoc fallacy in reality, factors like impoverishment, gang conflicts, and larger populations catalyze higher murder rates than the death penalty can control. It doesn't make sense to compare a country like france to the us when there are far more people and socioeconomic activities occurring. Regardless, if you never commit a crime (like most normal, functional members of society) it isn't something you ever need to worry about
2021-01-16 18:19
Australia B_Tannen
Doesn’t make sense for execution if the actual murderer got jail.
2021-01-16 07:09
22 replies
United States Stewie2GOAT
yeah i support the death penalty but this is weird
2021-01-16 07:10
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Australia B_Tannen
For some extreme cases, I do too. It saves money.
2021-01-16 07:12
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There were some studies around showing that the death penalty due to multiple reasons cost more money in many instances than life. Could be bullshit, but since there are special rows for inmate waiting the death penalty, countless appeals over the years, the fact they can't work in prison compared to other inmates etcetc. I wouldn't be surprised given the carceral system in the us.
2021-01-16 07:35
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Australia B_Tannen
That can’t be true. If the criminal is facing death, his crime is very bad. Hence a long sentence if no death penalty is given. Decades in high security prison costs heaps....
2021-01-16 07:51
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death row takes forever to work though A quarter of death row inmates die of natural causes before they are executed on average death row inmates spend 20 years in prison, and that is coupled with the extra costs for the execution itself, and any extra costs with stuff like extra security measures
2021-01-16 08:10
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Australia B_Tannen
Surely it’s less than potential 45 year sentences in high security prison?
2021-01-16 08:19
9 replies
actually common misconception. it costs wayyyy more to execute someone than to keep them alive for life in prison.
2021-01-16 08:21
4 replies
Australia B_Tannen
Only by our current methods. Simply executing someone is definitely cheaper.
2021-01-16 08:26
3 replies
Okay, if they're innocent and wrongly convicted don't they deserve some time to have their lawyers collect more evidence?
2021-01-16 08:41
2 replies
And when we look at the number of innocents that have been executed, sometimes even thought new evidences surfaced....just because the legal system don't want to come back on it's decisions and they would look *bad*. Making it even more expeditive would be super detrimental.
2021-01-16 10:00
Australia B_Tannen
May as well get rid of death penalty all together.
2021-01-16 13:11
idk because you would need way more security measures, and chemicals for lethal injection and shit are super expensive
2021-01-16 08:21
3 replies
Australia B_Tannen
2021-01-16 08:26
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2021-01-16 10:05
its not the execution itself that costs a lot of money its just the fragmented system of legal loopholes that extends ppls time on death row that eats up the money
2021-01-16 08:27
that’s why they should just toss out injections and just shoot the guy
2021-01-16 10:50
A Susquehanna University report found that, on average, across all 50 states, a death row inmate costs $1.12 million more than a general population inmate. In July 2018, there were 2,738 inmates on death row. That's almost $3 billion additional expense than if they had all been sentenced to life in prison instead.
2021-01-16 10:05
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Australia B_Tannen
That’s such garbage. Just shoot the guy once he’s sentenced or get rid of it entirely.
2021-01-16 11:05
1 reply
About 1/9 of people who have been executed were deeemed innocent afterwards, sometimes decades later. If they were to instantly shoot people the number of *mistakes* would increase enormeously. The death sentence serve 0 purpose, it doesn't disuade criminals from doing crimes anyway. The fact people gets wrongly executed because of it should be reason enough to abolish it. And only applying it in *100% certain* cases doesn't resolve the problem. Who draws the shot about what is 100% sure? Getting rid of it like you said is the best solution.
2021-01-16 11:26
Cause of death row...
2021-01-16 17:37
2021-01-16 16:57
Feel like theres more to this story tbh. Doesn't seem realistic that these are all the facts of the case edit: apparently the prosecution argued that he was the ring leader who both orchasrated the killings and bullied hayes into carrying them out. Although hayes signed a sworn affadivt that he was not threatended to kill the 3 people
2021-01-16 17:36
Yes he was the orchestrator of the murders. The moment Diggs told Haynes to pull the trigger is the moment he exposed himself to the very same fate himself. You can't kill while expecting to be spared.
2021-01-16 07:17
5 replies
ok but shouldn't the guy who killed the people get the penalty and not the guy who allegedly said that
2021-01-16 07:27
4 replies
If a demon whispers something into your ear & makes you do it, is it the demon's fault or is it yours?
2021-01-16 08:06
3 replies
yours because you listened to a demon
2021-01-16 08:11
2 replies
I ain't listening to any demon mansss but that's my point right there
2021-01-16 08:15
1 reply
You should really do some research on this case, as well as the overwhelming amount of negligence that goes on in our justice system. The amount of people who’ve been post-execution pardoned for being innocent is unacceptable. - some guy on twitter
2021-01-16 09:43
how can they even prove that he " ordered " a murder so dumb funny law , didn't kill anyone and got death penalty , but the guy who did , got 45 years lmao NA btw he was executed via lethal injection
2021-01-16 08:26
Lol you think Trump's gonna spare a black man? He can't even get over being wrong about the Central Park 5 from decades ago. And I wouldn't expect any different from the Trump appointed Supreme Court justices.
2021-01-16 08:37
1 reply
Lmao if he could I bet he would still sentence them to death.
2021-01-16 10:06
2021-01-16 09:37
haha the piece of shit was executed
2021-01-16 10:11
9 replies
how is he a piece of shit? he is innocent -_- wtf reported
2021-01-16 10:40
8 replies
bruh he ordered the killings of 3 young women how is he innocent?
2021-01-16 10:44
7 replies
proof? he did nothing dumbo
2021-01-16 10:49
6 replies
so they just hand out death sentences in the us without any proof?
2021-01-16 10:54
5 replies
seems like it man
2021-01-16 10:56
2 replies
Nice what a great country
2021-01-16 11:00
1 reply
nice bait, this country's been shit
2021-01-16 12:16
Without any proof? No one kills without any proof. Don't listen to this man
2021-01-16 12:17
1 reply
Why do you think the case has so much attention? They didn't have proof...
2021-01-17 04:26
Georgia Megobari
2021-01-16 10:45
Who do you punish more, the actual mafia boss like El Chapo that orders the killings of so many people around the world or the people that do it? I for sure know that I will choose the man behind the idea of murdering.
2021-01-16 10:56
United Kingdom Multiplism
I mean for me Life Sentence is worse, because you live the rest of your life in misery. Death Penalty you know that you will die.
2021-01-16 17:00
1 reply
You believe that now, because you are used to your "free" lifestyle and death might seem better than living like "that". But once you spent 5/10/15/20 years in prison, you get used to living like that and your favourable opinion on getting the death penalty can easily change. Alot of people that wanted the death penalty instead of life in prison later try everything they can to stop/suspend execution and keep on living even if it means being locked up for the rest of their natural life. What you define as misery now, can be what you wish for the most once the circumstances make it be.
2021-01-16 17:44
meh should have execute both of them so that clowns like you wouldn't have to pretend there is a moral dilemma. there is none. if anything we should feel bad about the other guy staying alive. maybe they should turn the other dude into a slave laborer. make kamala proud.
2021-01-16 17:32
Canada firtlast
this thread made me hungry
2021-01-16 17:33
Abolish the death pentalty. It has no place in 2021.
2021-01-16 18:17
The system is fucked. 3rd world country in disguise.
2021-01-16 18:21
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