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NA faceit lvl to EU (Serious)
North America northamericant 
Hi, I am lvl 10 NA faceit, I dont play very often so I am surprised that I have achieved this, my question is how much worse is NA faceit than EU, unironically? (No NA lvl 10 = eu gold nova pls) I know lvl 10 is supposed to be quite nice in EU but I don't know if it applies in NA.
2021-01-17 02:30
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lvl10 NA = 0 hours unranked player in EU
2021-01-17 02:33
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yes true 👍
2021-01-17 02:33
2021-01-17 02:34
pls bro i just want the infos..
2021-01-17 02:39
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idk i didn't even started playing faceit, im supreme now and i want to start playing faceit after gettin a global
2021-01-17 02:43
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Not a good answer. Obviously EU fpl players are going to be better than NA. It's not a secret that NA CS has a much smaller pro scene than EU and because of that, it is easier to get into FPL here than EU meaning lower skill ceiling.
2021-01-18 02:08
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yea I was really surprised you can get into NA fpl with elo under 2500, in eu its like 3500-4500, only few og players in eu have elo under 3k (dosia has 2.9k only i think,pasha only 3k)
2021-01-18 02:36
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Well that is because there are not enough players to be able to have elo ranges like that. Once you get past like 2500, a lot of your matches are -49 elo for a loss +10 for a win.
2021-01-18 03:55
Brazil _Awper
NA lvl 10 = eu gold nova
2021-01-17 02:33
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-1, gold nova is better
2021-01-17 02:36
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average polish level 10 = NA 8 year old that never touched a pc in his life
2021-01-17 03:11
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lmao even your best players has polish roots = polish blood best for cs, nt but poland>murica and anyone can agree with me
2021-01-17 03:28
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the best polish player isn’t even polish lmaoooooooooooo
2021-01-17 03:35
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no, the best pl player is NEO
2021-01-17 03:54
oof , mad cuz dead scene i think
2021-01-17 18:20
You're obviously going to get troll answers. You won't find people here that live in NA and played CS long enough in NA and then moved to EU and played long enough in EU to properly compare something like this except for pro players. The playerbase in NA is also smaller so ranks don't really mean much here. Just enjoy the game. btw NA lvl 10 = eu gold nova
2021-01-17 02:39
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2021-01-17 18:29
It’s hard to determine your skill lvl by elo. For example ,it is possible to get 10lvl with team and it way easier to play solo queue. Also it is possible to abuse elo. I’ve met so many players that have 2000-2500 or even 3k elo but they weren’t better than me. Abusing elo is a big problem here in EU( but I think it’s an ordinary shit in NA) literally 1/4 matches you play against elo abusers. So there are many factors that affect your elo or skill .Even your pc and monitor. So my faceit lvl is 10 and elo is 2000+ or something. But you know what, I’ve reached it without any effort . I was playing with my brother who has 2300 but his real skill lvl is far better coz he had been playing with 3k elo . The only one aspect that I good at is my aim and micro game sense . I didn’t know a single smoke or flash . I didn’t even give a shit about callouts. So that’s it. Elo doesn’t mean anything. I participated in my university cs go tournament and won the first stage( I was 8lvl at the time)without losses. There were 10 or even more 10lvl players and they had 2500+. So the main difference between noobs and good players is not aim and stuff it is game sense and teamplay
2021-01-17 02:51
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thanks for your cool story friend :)
2021-01-17 18:08
4el, v turnire assc nado bilo bit' invalidom 4tobi ne proiti 1st stage protiv 1-2 lvlov
2021-01-17 18:32
mindset of an average EU player and average NA player are so different dude but as long as the NA player got the aim and perseverance, there'll be few adjustments to keep up with the EU CS I guess. in response to the question: NA lvl 10 = EU gold nova
2021-01-17 02:55
Portugal Derpoll
reality: You are level 10 on NA, you probably will be level 10 or at least 9 on EU
2021-01-17 03:08
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this ^^
2021-01-17 03:25
2021-01-17 17:28
2021-01-17 18:19
EU Level 10 = NA MG1
2021-01-17 03:11
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Canada Unravel
2021-01-17 03:18
2021-01-17 18:14
only trolls u gonna get here bro :P
2021-01-17 03:14
It depends EU Lvl 10 is very oversaturated because they have a lot more people playing I think NA lvl 10 is actually somewhat harder to get
2021-01-17 03:17
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probably, couple years ago reaching level 10 was a big deal but now its not that big of a deal. you have to be like 2500+ elo to be any good
2021-01-17 18:18
Canada Unravel
I was in fpl in EU, moved to Canada and Im level 4...
2021-01-17 03:20
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I got fpl in EU but then when I moved to America I got hardstuck in nova 2
2021-01-17 03:36
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Canada Unravel
Stewart brainwashed ::(
2021-01-17 21:07
CIS r4ggy
NA = EU rn because I play both and everybody can aim right now at CS
2021-01-17 03:50
idk but lvl 10 EU = lvl 7 8 9 EU, no difference 90 % boosted/elo farmer, ect
2021-01-17 07:53
Idk about comparing faceit levels, I barely played on faceit in the past, but I've played MM in both EU and NA. In EU I was able to get to LE but in NA I haven't gotten past DMG yet. EU was way easier imo because when teams were really bad at something (comms, I'd imagine) they were way worse than the really bad teams in NA
2021-01-17 18:13
No difference. The gap is in fpl and pro level, that's why people asume whole na is worse.
2021-01-17 18:27
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2021-01-17 18:56
No difference. Everyone plays the same in faceit because most of the time its solo players just playing for themselves. Different in FPL, pro level, etc.
2021-01-17 19:00
God | 
Australia zi8gzag
not sure but when i moved to germany for a few months i won 13 straight matches in the mg ranks without a single loss while i was there.
2021-01-18 02:18
Australia Aquaaa
Faceit lvl 10 in the US I guess is equal to lvl 7/8 in EU? There isn't that big of a difference, I think is just the fact that there are a lot 'less' better players in US compared than EU.
2021-01-18 03:58
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