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what stage are u?
Italy PaoloDiCanio 
are u still in the stage where u play video games cuz it fulfills u and gives u joy? or are u in the stage where u play computer games mainly cuz u dont have anything else going on in your life and u enjoy mayb only 1 out of 5 games u play.
2021-01-17 12:27
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Second Choice. Every game bores me nowadays. Hoping the new monster hunter once it ports 2 PC will give me some amusement.
2021-01-17 12:28
Norway Ragnar__
I play for fun when I have free time and when I don’t want to do my other hobbies. Right now I play single player games only, no point in playing cs for me as I achieved everything I wanted.
2021-01-17 12:29
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis
I just do the missions. Before operation I didn't play at all
2021-01-17 12:29
Brazil angryyyy
First option! I love games
2021-01-17 12:30
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nice, me too
2021-01-17 18:13
Russia VelsVivard
Closer to second but it's advanced, I barely play anything and starting to seek new contacts because I've got no one to talk to. Just thinking about games is depressing on its own.
2021-01-17 12:31
bro i enjoy nothing at this point 2020 busted my fucking knees with a baseball bat, said it would pay for surgery then went and spent that on drugs and then literally took a shit on me .
2021-01-17 12:31
i dont have any other life and i hate cs but its only way to go and i play it like 10 hours everyday😎
2021-01-17 12:32
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flag checks
2021-01-17 13:39
😎 real mens
2021-01-17 14:11
SoloQ games are boring, that's why I barely play CSGO. I just play videogames when I feel bored like an hour a day
2021-01-17 12:34
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxeh
2021-01-17 12:36
I have nothing to do but it gives me joy, so both?
2021-01-17 12:37
that's just stages of depression and addiction. at one point u start doing drugs cuz enjoy it, have nice time with ur friends but sooner or later u will do it alone at home cuz u feel like a worthless piece of shit. ive been there with weed many times.
2021-01-17 12:41
i have shit computer stupid lockdown so i just watch youtube videos
2021-01-17 12:40
Past both
2021-01-17 12:40
covid crisis made me realize i have to stop video gaming, its nothing but a urge and a addiction by now. just like with gambling when i turned 18. its nothing but a demon pulling u closer and closer everyday to keep u away from evolving to a better version of urself.
2021-01-17 12:43
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Just find other activities and wait it out bro. Urge is strong at beginning, but u will feel better after a while.
2021-01-17 12:56
takes a lot of courage to accept the fact that our dropping dead sooner or later and everything you did, will have absolutely no meaning unless your lucky to be the one in a million, but guess what all this people followed their passion and their interests and made it big in life and are still talked about after 5000 years.
2021-01-17 12:56
lol.. i successfully quit every habit i wanted to quit but i always come back to cs even if i don't play or watch it for 1 year edit:and
2021-01-17 13:40
passed the 2nd one years ago.. don't even know how to describe my current stage, its not severe depression, even though every single therapist would say so, but closely resembles passive suicidality in combination with ptsd. So basicly games have always been a cope but its deeper than that these days.
2021-01-17 12:50
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get ur blood checked and ur hormone serums. i can already tell u, u will have low T most likely. i jumped on gear low dosage not for muscle gain purpose and my life changed insane. my anxiety went away my doubts went away, i challenged myself more to do new things cuz of this stuff.
2021-01-17 12:57
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Yeah, my fam have been pushing me to do it for the past 5 years and i have no answer for why i haven't done it yet. Its not only low T, its high Est. also.. deficiencies in sera and melatonin also an addiction to Dopamine which has led to a deficiency in that too.. (like that would be a surprise to anyone in 2021) i have analyzed myself up and down for years but just haven't done anything about it.. i guess i just love hating myself passively..
2021-01-17 13:32
You need a job mate
2021-01-17 13:11
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Try finding a job in Luleå hahaha, been looking for months.. but they only hire teachers with pedagogical diplomas and/or through contacts which i have a lack off.
2021-01-17 13:38
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Why don't you get one? Or move somewhere less depressing.
2021-01-18 07:07
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Got student debt up the ass, 120k in total so i cant afford to move anywhere and i dont get a job because im not a teacher and i have a small amount of contacts to find a job through, and i already tried.
2021-01-18 07:54
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Apply as an unqualified teacher with the qualifications that you have. I assume you studied something somewhat worthwhile at uni.
2021-01-18 17:01
i play games and go to gym cuz i am a pice of shit and i didnt achieved anything in life and i only have online friends :( yeah life is rough and will be worse 4 sure
2021-01-17 12:54
Romania Anonym20
nah, i just gave up on life
2021-01-17 12:59
i play games to have fun. im not an autistic retard like others in this thread
2021-01-17 13:01
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thats mostly just u projecting. like if u had fun and full joy in life u would not insult others on a video game website . ^^
2021-01-17 13:02
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yeah i can be happy and rude? videogames bring me joy, but autistic retards (like you) make me act rude
2021-01-17 13:03
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haha sure keep telling that to urself pal.
2021-01-17 13:05
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and keep trying to act superior to people acting superior (which i am btw). only feeding your ego :yawn:
2021-01-17 13:08
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no ur a clown and u know it urself. pretending to be something u aint on video game website. but u have to live with it not me. bye
2021-01-17 13:12
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clown fucking yo momma and why would i pretend being happy? im really joyful rn to see autistic idiots (like you) being mad at me
2021-01-17 13:13
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haha u make it more obvious to me with this type of reaction
2021-01-17 13:15
You are the only one autistic retard here if you feel supremacy towards other people without single reason
2021-01-17 13:06
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you're polish bro. you're the autistic retard here bro. change your ethnicity
2021-01-17 13:06
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Argument "You're polish, bro" shows that i wasnt wrong You are frustrated kid but its okay to be young and have hormons tho
2021-01-17 13:09
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bro you're polish lmaoooooooo probably not even polish probably a lemko jew lmaoooooooo change your ethnicity and then i'll talk to you
2021-01-17 13:09
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You have a terrificly inflated ego :(
2021-01-17 13:23
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yeah and i dont care bro. your mother loves it
2021-01-17 13:23
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2021-01-17 13:23
I wouldnt be suprised if you could be some arabish Bosnian. Also my descents are 100% polish both of my greatgrandfathers was fighting for freedom of my country and I have no jew descents in my family if you want to know
2021-01-17 15:17
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i am based slavonian from white croatia. and idc where your parents come from change your ethnicity please and i'll talk to you, jew
2021-01-17 15:20
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You are biased Croatian but what can i expect from country supporting nazis & tito lovers. Your country is a disgrace for Slavs
2021-01-17 16:33
Like Serbia is much better LOL. Both are third world.
2021-01-17 13:12
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im croatian, only live in the croatian part of serbia atm. but you're writing this while you and your crush are getting gangraped by 10 muslims lmaooooo
2021-01-17 13:12
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Imagine being a guy and having a crush
2021-01-18 07:07
I quit playing videogames as an new year's wish. Might come back when I decide that im no longer addicted to the dopamine that videogames give
2021-01-17 13:05
didnt know so many mens need serious help((
2021-01-17 13:07
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Yeah i was gonna troll but felt sad instead
2021-01-17 18:15
Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
i stopped enjoying games long ago, but its still nice sometimes to game but main reason i have nothing else to do because corona so i play cs
2021-01-17 13:08
at stage of reading some forums, instead of doing something more productive like playing video games.
2021-01-17 13:17
Just getting over the second stage, starting to actually get a life
2021-01-17 13:19
Every game bores me nowadays. Except csgo
2021-01-17 13:40
Mainly because covid-19 but also because i study a lot so i need some time off.
2021-01-17 13:40
when you first get your pc and play for a year and a half it is stage 1 and bliss and then it is downhill from there
2021-01-17 14:09
The second point describes everything just perfectly, i have been living like this probably for 3 years. Out of dozens games that i beat i enjoyed probably mgs franchise, gow 1-3 and maybe 7-9 s Other games
2021-01-17 14:54
2021-01-17 14:54
I don't play videogames if I'm not enjoying them. I can kill time a million other ways
2021-01-17 14:57
Germany N4ime
Second. Never thought i would say something like this but i want to go to school again... This is the year of my exam and im stuck here in my room. I have like 10 hours per day were i just sit around and do nothing. Usually i would meet my friends on weekends, or go to the GYM. Doing sport at home just isn´t the same.
2021-01-17 15:07
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+1 I have one dumbbell at home, but it can’t be compared to the gym
2021-01-17 16:36
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Germany N4ime
I have nothing for my back. Back training is hard to do if there is no ledge to hold on, the best i can do is austrailian pull ups. I also need some more weight for my shoulder.
2021-01-17 18:10
2 replies
dont you have these street workout parks or whatnot?
2021-01-17 18:15
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Germany N4ime
Sadly not in my proximity. There is a old laundry stand right besides my neighbors house, they dont like it if i use it for exercise.
2021-01-17 18:26
second stage
2021-01-17 15:08
Brazil Troll_JuJu
I play only for tryharding and if I have an objective. I don't play for fun most of times. I play cs right now when I can to achieve global elite And I play wow right now to get full pve so yea
2021-01-17 15:41
the second one for like 3 years now
2021-01-17 18:14
NAF | 
Nigeria STFU_M8
trash life, but I watch something than playing nowadays.
2021-01-17 18:15
I play as a anger reliever
2021-01-18 07:08
I have stopped playing completely. Too much of time investment. Watching matches is cool, coz I can leave whenever I wish, and also the urge to keep playing on losing, is gone. We're much more productive that way, while still staying connected to the game....
2021-01-18 08:04
It was surely the first one before the pandemic but it's not between the first and second stage.
2021-01-18 08:06
Netherlands PaasWaas
I just do drugs instead now
2021-01-18 17:26
2. but i would play tarkov if my pc wasnt piece of shit microwave
2021-01-18 17:27
Watching Netflix and playing pc games hard core to studying so much. Idk which phase it is
2021-01-18 17:28
Second stage, and I replay solo games I already played 100000 times
2021-01-18 17:28
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