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Witcher 3 vs RDR2
arT | 
Which one is the best game in the world?
2021-01-18 01:58
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counter-strike ofc
2021-01-18 01:59
cyberbug 2077 ^^
2021-01-18 02:01
i played both, i just can to say that: in terms of how the game is made, that is, technically rdr 2 is better. But it's fck boring, and the characters there are also no interesting. One Johny from tw3 is more interesting than all characters and the main story in rdr2. Also imo tw3 is the best game ever made, that game feels live, it's hard to describe but it's something it has and no one else game has. After i finished tw3 i couldn't play any other games(not counting csgo). Very close to its' level is dark souls 3.
2021-01-18 02:04
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France Yougz
2021-01-18 03:19
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
both overrated
2021-01-18 02:06
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i bet you didn't even play, and that you have a bad computer.
2021-01-18 02:07
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan
you lost! remember to bet responsibly next time
2021-01-18 02:09
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123 iq.
2021-01-18 02:09
Inb4 both games get called garbage by gatekeepers
2021-01-18 02:07
New Zealand rOtten_97
Rdr2 can't even compete with Witcher 3. There won't be another game as great as the witcher in years to come
2021-01-18 02:12
witcher 3 is just bloated, nowhere near as good as 1 and 2
2021-01-18 02:14
Both are better than The Last of Us 2.
2021-01-18 02:31
red dead redemption is better
2021-01-18 02:45
Both are great
2021-01-18 02:56
Both games are great.
2021-01-18 03:07
Both games very good but for me rdr2 is better.
2021-01-18 03:22
France Yougz
Rdr is so slow and boring, Arthur is an old alcoolic with 70IQ The story is slow and boring, the quest in the Witcher where you have to chose the new King of Skellige is better than the entire story of rdr Sadie was the only good character imo
2021-01-18 03:22
Nepal Aguminok
not even gonna mention all the genre and setting differences and the fact that its all subjective, imagine comparing 2015 and 2018 games
2021-01-18 03:26
Poland Czari10
RDR2 is the greatest game of all time
2021-01-18 03:27
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