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devve #3 dayyaam boi
Russia theSavior 
2021-01-18 19:01
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nah, it's reserved for Zywho
2021-01-18 19:02
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Russia theSavior
2021-01-18 19:03
never heard of him, new talent? Just like s0mple or p1mple and whatever else everyone is talking about? Never heard of them as well...
2021-01-18 19:39
Germany LULW___KEKW
d3vic3 :/
2021-01-18 19:06
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d4c1c4 = 4 for the majors the 1 is for the GOAT of CS:GO now after surpassing f0rest with this 3rd place finish
2021-01-18 20:25
Poland SnopAll
Devveking top 5 since 2015 18 MVPs 4 majors The guy is absolute GOAT Don't care if he's not #1 this year, he's still #1 and noone comes close
2021-01-18 19:13
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Brazil cadik
robbed in 2018
2021-01-18 19:23
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2021-01-18 19:24
actually +1
2021-01-18 19:53
and kinda in 2019 too
2021-01-18 19:59
How is that
2021-01-18 20:34
most consistent yes, GOAT no, there is even tough to call someone goat, cold had only 2 good years, s1mple zywoo doesnt have any big team achivements, devv never was the best, also stats so boosted by team, you can say anythink you want but if you have better team you have better stats, just look at astralis 2018, all of the players had best year in their career cuz all boost each other stats by dominating everyone
2021-01-18 19:26
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dev1ce good stast, achivements, the best player in the best team of all time DEV1CE GOAT /closed
2021-01-18 19:31
there's almost no difference between device's average career rating and his 2018 rating. also he's the most important player on the team.
2021-01-18 19:37
5 replies 1.17 vs 1.23 yea no difference at all OMEGALUL, so what all boost each other stats thats why devv have so big rating in 2018, a bit worse team perfomance in 2019 and also stats 1.22, same in 2020 worse a bit and stats 1.2, team perfomace boost your stats
2021-01-18 19:50
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Portugal jsousa941
so u saying when his team was shit his stats also got boosted...
2021-01-18 20:21
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2018 astralis > 2019 astralis > 2020 astralis = 2018 device > 2019 devv > 2020 devv and probably all of the playes in astralis have same stats and for sure 2018 was the best year in all astralis members, better team = better stats cuz way ez to farm stats with awp\ak\m4 in hand and vs not best team than with glock agaist astralis, all that 1.2-1,24 stats boosted by his team, but he for sure top-5 player of cs go and really amazing player but 2018-2020 stats impacted by a team
2021-01-18 20:24
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Portugal jsousa941
i said when they were shit not when they were good go check prior to 2018...
2021-01-18 22:39
2021-01-18 20:26
"devv never was the best" I'd like to remind you of literally every major after Boston 2018. Devve was never the best of the year? Even that is debatable for 2018. Yes, s1mple WAS a god but you can make a very good devil's advocate case of why device somewhat got robbed. The whole point is, there is noone that steps up more than device when it matters, at the majors. Also the whole stat boosting point has no credibility because that's just a thing that happens when you dominate the scene. You can't have one without the other. Not Device's fault that his teammates are really freaking good.
2021-01-18 19:58
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I dont want to take stats from him, i just describe that his stats boosted by his team, and even with that he is no way near to zywoo or s1mple, niko also >> devv, but it doesnt make devv worse he is amazing player and ofc top-5 player of cs go but just raw skill he lose to this 3 guys and cold, he have better stats then niko cuz of his amazing team, and guy you for real wouldnt call messi and cr7 goats just cuz they cant win with national team world cup?
2021-01-18 20:03
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niko also >> devv this is enough to prove that you're a casual fan. None of these players could work as well as device is a tightly knit system of gla1ve. All three of these guys need the best roles, more space and trade spots to carry their team to win... meanwhile Device statistically was the guy taking the most opening duels in the last couple of months. This is a guy who could potentially outclass his peers but his playstyle is tailored to making his team win, not being flashy.
2021-01-18 20:09
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ahahah i remeber s1mple trying to play like device agaist liquid guess what, they spot s1mple at A site = they all run to B and ez win round 3 bots in a team cant hold side and retake side is tough, if s1mple gonna play like device in navi roster they would lose every single game to tier-1 team and 50\50 agaist tier-2 team, bad teammates require to play more "flashy", i bet that everyone that i metioned would ez replace devv if take language difference aside, but devv would make vitality or navi way worse
2021-01-18 20:14
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That is entirely my point? Device is the perfect fit for Astralis, he won't work in Navi or Vita... but neither would Zywoo or S1mple work in Astralis. That's the whole point. Again, Not Device's fault that his teammates are good unlike s1mple.
2021-01-18 22:54
He is GOAT tho lol.. who pray tell is then? Simple and zywoo? Got 0 majors og major mvps, just like he needs a #1 to be considered the best they need actual trophies to be even considered GOAT even Olof and Cold over simple
2021-01-18 23:00
2021-01-18 20:34
2021-01-18 19:28
World Beard43
2021-01-18 19:32
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Russia theSavior
2021-01-18 20:22
s3mple de2ice z1woo
2021-01-18 19:34
Just imagine s1mple being Nr.3 xD Would be so fucking funny
2021-01-18 19:34
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xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa that would be very funny for real if NaVi didn't win Katowice and didn't make into the Grand Final, s1mple would be #3 tho hahaahhahahaha
2021-01-18 19:51
actually device profits most from having the best team i think its like you can only have a really good rating if you die very little for that to occur your team must not lose many rounds unless you're simple ofc and save every round and farm rating by exit frags :)
2021-01-18 19:37
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Russia theSavior
2021-01-18 19:54
ropz | 
Netherlands ONGix
2021-01-18 20:00
If there's a chance to win the round s1mple always goes for it, try harder next time
2021-01-18 20:06
2021-01-18 20:07
Russia theSavior
2021-01-18 20:18
2021-01-18 20:35
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