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woxic career
k0nfig | 
North America wintur 
is over turkish cs only has xantares now and he can't even beat sprout lol
2021-01-18 20:39
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Turkey scene= best scene
2021-01-18 20:41
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Was good scene when they had SpaceS Sad they disbanded
2021-01-18 20:42
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sangal +calyx +xantares make turkish cs great again
2021-01-18 20:44
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2021-01-18 20:45
also +cobblestone
2021-01-18 20:45
2021-01-18 20:54
imagine cant be able to speak proper english or german after 2 years living in eu
2021-01-18 20:42
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you dont love your damar gg
2021-01-18 20:57
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2021-01-18 21:03
GobB can't even speak proper German, English and Turkish and he lived his whole life in Germany by parents that only speak Turkish when they are in the family. Some people aren't made to learn languages some can't even learn their native... Xantares has luck that all around him speak English so he can focus to learn it.
2021-01-18 21:11
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i just shocked about gobB but i must say german has very hard grammer subject tho
2021-01-18 21:13
right i was saying that cause he seems like doesnt care about
2021-01-18 21:13
Turkey emirhaan
No no bro we have Sangal new org with old Space Soldiers players. And u shouldnt forget Calyx too.
2021-01-18 20:42
sangal > na
2021-01-18 21:05
probably turkish cs will be dead in the next 3 years but in valorant we can make 3 team in top 10
2021-01-18 21:08
Maj3r Woxic Calyx Xantares Imrorr
2021-01-18 21:09
rip off s1mple
2021-01-18 21:11
woxic sell kebab soon
2021-01-18 21:44
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