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McGregor vs Poirier
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Chile brotherman 
conor will sweep the floor with poirier mark my words ahahahahah
2021-01-19 23:13
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2021-01-19 23:14
Idk, Porier has improved a lot since the last time they met. But I've underestimated Conor in the past so who knows lmao
2021-01-19 23:15
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motivated Conor is scary af mens
2021-01-19 23:17
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2021-01-19 23:17
physical violence yikes
2021-01-19 23:19
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why so scared boy
2021-01-19 23:20
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not scared, i just find it absurd, that's all. its weird when ppl enjoy watching other ppl physically harm each other and derive joy from it and to what end, i honestly dont know. to pursue/uphold an idiotic hypermasculine ideal?
2021-01-19 23:27
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please do go on more about how much of a pussy you are son
2021-01-19 23:29
Way to strawman. Has to be bait. 0/8
2021-01-19 23:39
No, its a show of physical prowess and bravery, its a literal manifestation of other sports, in other sports you try to impose your will and win, in combat sports you take that to another level and literally impose your will on another person within the rules of course. Max Kellerman summed it up best, take a street corner, on one you have some people playing basketball, another some people playing football, on another you have some people playing baseball and on the other there is a fight, where is the crowd? The crowd will all be standing around the fight.
2021-01-19 23:40
High estrogen male, yikes
2021-01-19 23:20
Porier beat Kabib btw. He had him in a neckhold and coulda easily won that fight but let go cuz he felt like he was gona rip his head off. Good guy porier.
2021-01-19 23:21
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+1 he was listening to lousiana woman mississipi man
2021-01-19 23:24
Man it still gives me chills how close poitier was to actually beating khabib and a lot of people don't realize that. That choke was tight AF and at one point it may even have blocked his blood and airways. Khabib had the composure and skill to get out of it but just imagine if he hadn't been able to do that and tapped in that moment. It would've been more jaw dropping than when the undertaker lost to lesnar
2021-01-19 23:35
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read my comment again. he won the fight and no kabib didn't have the composure and skill to get out of it, poirier let him go cuz he felt bad. the end.
2021-01-19 23:37
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Yeah I agree good guy poirier
2021-01-19 23:37
Conor by KO
2021-01-19 23:23
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2021-01-19 23:29
Isn't it scripted?
2021-01-19 23:23
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no thats cs youre talking about
2021-01-19 23:58
Poirier has been far more consistent throughout the past few years (I mean, we've hardly seen that much of Conor's game since the Floyd fight) but the match stylistically favours McGregor. My intuition says Conor but looking at it rationally I'd probably put my money on Poirier via decision or late TKO.
2021-01-19 23:24
2021-01-19 23:30
Conor ko coming from a conor hater
2021-01-19 23:36
Korea yooz
hopefully poirier dodges and holloway takes his place
2021-01-19 23:43
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