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Kpop is Actually good
KK | 
i always called kpop trash because people around me said so, but never heard it in my life, but today I finally gave it a chance and.. holy f*ck, if you ignore the fact they are all femboys you'll actually enjoy it, i got addicted and now i have to listen to it hidden, this is the kind of song that I can't favorite in my social medias and spotify or someone will end up seeing i like kpop. PS: I'm conservative af so these are not biased opinoins just cuz they are gey and support LBGT
2021-01-20 01:34
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Poland Totali_
Yeah kpop is good, but bts is not a good example
2021-01-20 01:35
7 replies
show me songs you like the most
2021-01-20 01:36
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0/8 kpop = kpoop, gave it a listen, sounds like shit.
2021-01-20 01:39
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stfu you may even like it but you're just too insecure and don't wanna look gay
2021-01-20 01:39
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why would I be insecure about liking a music genre, let alone be afraid to seem gay for liking it? you see? already converting to a typical kpoop fan LUL.
2021-01-20 01:42
Russia hahatun74
g idle is good
2021-01-21 10:55
kpop is gay? wow lost all respecc
2021-01-20 01:35
Latvia FieryBlood
0/8 didnt read didnt listen
2021-01-20 01:35
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2021-01-21 19:06
2021-01-20 01:36
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K-pop is actually good
2021-01-20 01:39
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Canada firtlast
lost all my respect for someone86 (2x)
2021-01-20 02:03
1 reply
No fucking way bro, i just made tldr for him. You interpreted it completely wrong
2021-01-20 02:08
Some kpop songs are good The problem is their cancer fanbase
2021-01-20 01:36
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i don't care about anything, if i like i listen, show me good kpoop songs you like
2021-01-20 01:38
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2021-01-20 01:39
Brazil Sketchy200
clb racista
2021-01-21 19:48
Poland Totali_
+1 all these 12yo girls ruined kpop
2021-01-20 01:40
BTS is for them 12-13 year old fan girls that feel like they are 20 and try to act that way.
2021-01-20 01:43
4 replies
i'm a grown ass 25yo man and i like it, should i be arrested because of it?
2021-01-20 01:48
3 replies
if you really love them then you have the taste of what I wrote, but if you just like a few songs idk. If you like copy their dance moves or something like that.
2021-01-20 01:52
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read the thread b4 commenting, i said i don't even like their femboy style, it's just the song and that's all
2021-01-20 01:58
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idk I got the wrong image when you wrote I'm a grown ass 25yo man and i like it, should i be arrested because of it? Thought you had some new opinion. well then it's fine. just really talking about the fangirls that hunt for every single pixel of them
2021-01-20 02:35
Kpop is toxic
2021-01-20 01:44
the music is not good (just the average pop music in korean), the dance performances are good (for people that like dance perf. – not me), the videos are always pretty good productionwise.
2021-01-20 01:45
i actually said the same for years, until I heard (G)I-DLE. :D The girls are mega talented and they're being produced by their leader, Soyeon, who is writing their songs, producing them, creating choreographies with another member, Soojin. Now I can't stop listening to any of their songs and all of them are bangers
2021-01-20 01:48
2 replies
yup except they dont give lines to shuhua xad......most like to listen to girl groups rather than boy groups
2021-01-21 03:38
Russia hahatun74
same xD
2021-01-21 10:56
DD | 
Armenia breasts
if you ignore the music femboys are actually good
2021-01-20 01:49
5 replies
Are you Christian?
2021-01-20 01:54
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DD | 
Armenia breasts
I grew up going to church with my family in New York City. My parents taught me the importance of faith and prayer from a young age. Though I was confirmed at a Presbyterian church as a child, I now consider myself to be a non-denominational Christian.
2021-01-20 01:58
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Anyway it's not cool what you'have said about femboys. Femboy is a man wearing female clothes. If you mean that you like femboys by saying that femboys are good, than it's not cool. It goes against Christian culture.
2021-01-20 02:10
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DD | 
Armenia breasts
i believe they are wearing men's clothes
2021-01-20 02:06
not femboys again, your comment better be satire.
2021-01-20 01:59
BigBang is a banger kpop group ngl..
2021-01-20 01:57
Latvia FieryBlood
My favorite kpop group is Big Time Rush
2021-01-20 02:00
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Netherlands n0b8m8 this is an absolute banger i still listen to it frequently 😍
2021-01-20 03:15
Korea HullU
gaypop agreed
2021-01-20 02:00
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-1 gajjaui hanguksaram zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2021-01-21 08:59
United States xcalibot
Stan Red Velvet <3 kpop is good but the fanbase is garbage as fuck. Like i would prefer csgo fanbase over kpop fanbase. IMAGINE I CHOOSE CSGO FANBASE
2021-01-20 02:01
Most of K-pop is shite... The only group that produces good music is Big Bang tbf...
2021-01-20 02:05
sooo plastic
2021-01-20 02:12
kepa arrzabalaga is actually good
2021-01-20 02:15
I used to hate kpop as well but I will admit they have some decent songs out there. Eg -
2021-01-20 03:12
This is the only good song
2021-01-20 03:14
Garbage with cringey dancing. Only little teenage girls and grown up fking weird losers listen to this shit. My coworker is a perfect example, she's disgusting in everyway and enjoys kpop.
2021-01-20 03:16
Germany Droidd
2021-01-20 03:17
Kpop bad.
2021-01-20 03:18
anyone who listens to this music is beta
2021-01-20 03:22
The Kid LAROI > Kpop
2021-01-21 03:14
blackpink > bts
2021-01-21 03:15
Id rather listen to Aesthetic or Metal than this cancer, which is worse than COVID-19.
2021-01-21 03:26
2021-01-21 08:54
4 replies
-1 gajjaui hankuksaram
2021-01-21 09:02
3 replies
im real one btw what is gajjaui? fake = ga-jja
2021-01-21 10:53
2 replies
i learned hanguk a little a long time ago, srry.
2021-01-21 16:46
1 reply
it's ok, minor language
2021-01-21 17:37
Sweden Zolity
2021-01-21 08:58
0/8 fake brasileiro
2021-01-21 10:54
Jordan Zereeni
weebs out
2021-01-21 10:55
This is insanely bad, but I guess each to their own...
2021-01-21 10:57
China SwooksarV2
It's just pop... If you like pop and you don't mind it in another language you'll like Kpop.
2021-01-21 10:57
2021-01-21 10:58
0/8 lol
2021-01-21 16:47
nah. you have like 20 members per group and everyone raps or sings 2 lines and ruins the flow of every song. their fans don't even talk about the music and say only things like how talented these kpop singers or rappers are. "look how talented x is. he/she can sing, rap, dance and looks good. blah blah blah" they would enjoy song of them taking turns farting and calling it great. just brainwashed stans
2021-01-21 16:48
2021-01-21 16:49
I just can’t handle most pop in general. Like what are all these retarded sounds, and auto tune is used. I can’t stand it, i have pretty controversial music taste. Back when music was 100% hand made and not 95% computer made.
2021-01-21 18:53
the fact they are all femboys is the best thing about kpop. I think that the main reason people dislike kpop is just because of the fanbase, there is actually some really good songs that I feel like many people would like but they won't even listen to them because of all the twitter stans
2021-01-21 19:04
Germany N4ime
I like R-pop more tbh.
2021-01-21 19:10
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Brazil HazzyS
Now that's better
2021-01-21 19:19
broky | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Addy^
2021-01-21 19:13
the song is trash but these girls are pretty ngl
2021-01-21 19:15
It's just pop in another language. Except k-pop has top notch choreography and hot girls/femboys (if you're into that). It's meant to appeal to most people.
2021-01-21 19:20
pls gtfo never come back to hltv pls
2021-01-21 19:21
kpop is garbage im korean
2021-01-21 19:51
wanna know how i know youre gey?
2021-01-21 19:52
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