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HLTV FANTASY needs to account for 6 man roster
KaiR0N- | 
India acriticalcynicalnihilistteapot 
It's actually wild, how easy it is to break the system. Last year, due to how weird Fantasy was, many people broke it by picking jackz in one of the Blast Premier Group stage games. Jackz was only around 180k-190k, but then he got replaced by NiKo- which was basically announced ages ago, and you got a 1.19 rated player for only 180k. Pretty stupid imo. But it gets worse than just this. There are many teams right now playing 6 man rotations. As a result, You will see certain 'rotated' players get a very high average, because they just won't play for a game or two. For example, I remember one incident, where I picked misutaaa in Vita. In their first game against a worse team that idr, he broke a 1.7 rating on his first map. Then, he didn't play in the next few maps till like the next series, and as a result, because of the way the system works, misutaaa had a higher point total than zywoo and s1mple about 3 rounds in. At about 30-40k cheaper. Is that wild? Absolutely. We're seeing it with practically every team right now. NAVI, Astralis, Vita all have 6 man rosters. We're seeing freaking T2 teams like K23 get 6man rosters. C9 and ENCE have announced they want 6men. The new cogu project is 6 players. And this is just the beginning as well. Point is, even if Valve bans 6 man rosters, teams have pretty much accepted, and succeeded with 6 players. This is not going to change anytime soon, given how almost every TO accepts six players. HLTV Fantasy, as it is right now simply is not built to account for 6 man rosters, and so you have completely freaking stupid things happening, which makes it about as good as gambling. You can't predict if misutaaa will play the next 5 maps, or if he will sit them out, and end up getting 200 points in 3 rounds. Similarly, you don't want the flipside happening, where shoxie decides to get one kill, and dip, and then you get -200 in three rounds. It's arbitrary, and for people who play Fantasy because it actually requires good research and strategy, makes it much less fun. You can argue with me whether Fantasy is just betting or not, but most courts worldwide recognize it as a game of skill, so I'll go with that judgement. So what should we do? Two possibilities. 1. HLTV Fantasy is progressive and makes Fantasy accept 6 man rosters This way, you can account for these differences. While we're at it, make budget 1.2 million, and add in a substitute or sixth man role. People can pick six players, and if a player doesn't play a map or series, they won't get any points. I'm sure the mastermind programmers and mods can easily figure out a way to make this check out mathematically. or alternatively 2. Make sure that if a player dips, their points don't go out of control. The program needs to be edited so that the sixth-player or a player who sits out a map has a reduced average. The MVPs- s1mple, zywOo etc. should be the only ones getting consistent 40-50 points per round, barring a team stomp or fluke round etc. Usually, in a BO3 ratings tend to normalize themselves. You might see VINI get a 2.00 rating on inferno, but across the series, that will normalize to a 1.14 because of a shit performance on nuke, or something like that. So normalize 1-out ratings as well. There's a variety of ways to do it- maybe average it with the player's past performances, or decrease it by a fixed amount idk. Figure out the details, but do something. pls fix ty 8/8
2021-01-20 08:18
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+1 I even read the whole thread
2021-01-20 08:21
Europe _Tacoo
2021-01-20 08:21
Brazil Lingardinho
2021-01-20 08:21
they dont even have it on team profiles lol you think they will add it to fantasy>?
2021-01-20 08:21
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unfortunately probably not, but they have to change it sometime. all the staff seem to support 6 man rosters on twitter, and they have to acknowledge at some point that its not going away.
2021-01-20 08:25
6 mans will dissapear when LANs back
2021-01-20 08:28
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meh unlikely. Blast said they are comitted, ESL also. Thats basically 60% of all big tourneys supporting 6mans.
2021-01-20 08:38
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How tf you can even imagine 6 players on LAN? Spodek arena for example can't hold more than 5 players in 1 side,so you cant place 6 computers Also all exits should be with all 6 players,otherwise how you imagine 6 player come,for example at spodek? In all arenas where only 5 comps can fit(Spodek,Mersedes-Benz,WWE) 6 player will be forced to play in not his konfig,or pauses between maps will increase,what is extremely bad for LANs
2021-01-20 09:25
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Obviously you wouldn't place six computers lol, player would get up, leave, and new player would come in. Changing configs would be easily handled by admin staff lmao, its literally just changing a file that the player had sent before. I doubt it would take more time than it usually does, given that 90% of the time between breaks is normally not technical. Just a little less playtime on the server for players. Literally not that hard. Heck, if the TOs wanted to, they could fit six computers as well, though that would be p stupid honestly. Just a matter of rearranging it in a new way. Again, literally every single thing you are saying here will be easily handled. Blast and ESL have mentioned that 6man rosters are permanently allowed in their rulebook. It's literally the easiest thing to handle...
2021-01-20 11:01
first time in 5 years i read the whole thread, he is right, time to change the system Dimitry
2021-01-20 08:40
Just pick misutaa and shox to get nivera!
2021-01-20 11:04
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Namibia Nt_NoScene
2021-01-20 11:05
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2021-01-20 11:06
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Namibia Nt_NoScene
Yield to the skin!
2021-01-20 11:08
Yesterday vitality wins and misuta gets -20, why?? Fix it please... I had very good points and I lose all with the -20.... I cant understand, i know what misutaa had a bad performance on vertigo but i think with -5/-7 is good, i hope u fix that for the next fantasy thanks!
2021-01-22 18:06
Serbia TheSerb
You are right i once picked shoxie and he had like a 1.9 2.0 rating or smt got like 60 points he played only 1 map this is terrible for the competitivness of fantasy
2021-01-20 11:15
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