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Indie games
f0rest | 
Spain shrimpony 
Hey! Im looking for some new indie games to play. Great ones! Any suggestions? These are some I've enyoyed playing so you get some idea as to what Im looking for. The messenger hollow knight celeste mark of the ninja ori and the blind forest/will of the wisps katana zero shovel knight yooka layle and the impossible lair Ty in advance!
2021-01-21 20:53
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Cs go
2021-01-21 20:53
Minecraft lmao
2021-01-21 20:53
Shit street.exe best india game
2021-01-21 20:54
Limbo Trine Bastion Papers Please, da best Binding of isaac rebirth
2021-01-21 20:58
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Also Inside, amazing atmosphere sort a like Limbo.
2021-01-21 21:01
Trine is awsome, played 2-3-4 with my mates. Unique games, loved them all ;) Also watched my friend play both limbo and baston. Will check the steam store page for the 2 others, ty.
2021-01-21 21:01
Frozen Synapse Don't die Lonely Mountains: Downhill Lightmatter Enjoy.
2021-01-21 21:00
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Ty for the suggestions. Not really my taste though, mostly looking for action platformers like the ones above. Proud scandinavians say enyoy ;)
2021-01-21 21:15
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You're welcome. You may wanna look up MAME. It is a gateway to play the really classics and that include lots of great platform titles.
2021-01-21 21:30
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Its an arcade machine? Getting kinda lost as to what it is when doing a websearch.
2021-01-21 21:33
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It is a software arcade emulator. Some people build arcade cabinets, install a MAME machine in it and they have an arcade machine that can play all sorts including those classic arcade platform games. You can also just run MAME on Windows and use it to run games.
2021-01-21 21:51
Turkey Balbaros
seems like you like 2d platformers and metroidvanias, so here's a couple of suggestions i can think of right now rogue legacy risk of rain 1&2 (risk of rain 2 is actually like 3d version of the previous game, it contains most items/enemies from that etc., but i think they play very differently) dead cells (didn't like this one much myself tbh, but most people i know loved it)
2021-01-21 21:01
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Great suggestions, ty. Rogue legacy looks dope af, but the word "rogue like" makes me scared instantly. Dont know why im afraid of them.. Im gonna sell another csgo skin and buy it nonetheless xD
2021-01-21 21:20
Brazil setsz
inmost. its a so fucking good indie game
2021-01-21 21:01
castle crashers, fun.. amazing for couch coop
2021-01-21 21:16
France cestkazz
Mortal Shell
2021-01-21 21:16
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Have had my eye on that one before, you say its out now? :S
2021-01-21 21:29
Finland Temathael
MindSeize should be a good fit
2021-01-21 21:17
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And you are correct! Buying this instantly.
2021-01-21 21:28
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Finland Temathael
2021-01-21 21:35
talk to strangers dont feed the monkeys
2021-01-21 21:19
Noita Bug Fables A Short Hike A Hat in Time Blasphemous Return of the Obra Dinn
2021-01-21 21:21
2021-01-21 21:22
2021-01-21 21:34
Hades is a really good rogue like, wasn't a fan of rogue likes before it but it's truly amazing, bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a metroidvania like game, with some people behind it from the older castlevania games, very similar but with a fresh and newer take on the genre.
2021-01-21 21:36
Romania csf
Party Hard
2021-01-21 21:42
Spelunkey The shantae series(from 2010 the older games arent so good) The binding of Isac rebirth and in february a pretty big dlc is coming for this game
2021-01-21 21:44
Spelunkey The shantae series(from 2010 the older games arent so good) The binding of Isac rebirth and in february a pretty big dlc is coming for this game
2021-01-21 21:44
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sry for double post bad internet:(
2021-01-21 21:45
Limbo Inside (best one) Celeste Firewatch Bad North Spelunkey
2021-01-21 22:47
Poland SchuceK
Cyberpunk 2077
2021-01-21 22:49
Young Ninjas
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