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sinners is overrated
Brazil MIBR_TOP1_2021 
sinners is so fucking overrated cuz they won couple matches on shitty leagues and now u can get so good odds against them thanks me later menss
2021-01-21 22:16
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yes sinners is overrated they are trash i agree with u
2021-01-21 22:17
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you forgot to change acc
2021-01-21 22:20
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nah i just write a comment and more people see my thread my friendoo
2021-01-21 22:25
wrong acc my guy
2021-01-21 22:22
2021-01-21 22:25
Namibia KhT
the czech team? do someone rated them?
2021-01-21 22:18
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0/Namibia Namibia bestest
2021-01-21 22:21
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Namibia KhT
wtf(( you are veteran retired namibian men(
2021-01-21 22:22
i meant the odds are so fucking low if u check their matches
2021-01-21 22:24
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Namibia KhT
I thought you were talking about how community rate them. In this case you are right,oskar was a great player but he is far from his prime. I think odds are biased. basically +1 to u
2021-01-21 22:25
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Nah only czech people talking about how good they are but in my opinion they arent that good btw Namibia bestest country men))
2021-01-21 22:27
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Namibia KhT
+1111 namibia bestest country in cs!!! and on the world stage too))
2021-01-21 22:29
no u
2021-01-21 22:21
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NA still living in 2018
2021-01-21 22:23
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hanging on by a single cheeto
2021-01-21 22:50
2021-01-21 22:24
Slovakia Georgy10
+1 I wanted to bet on their match against Invictus but fortunately I didn't :D
2021-01-21 22:34
Astralis should go to one of those tier 2-3 online cups that teams like Gambit / Sinners / VP etc farm for cash and show everyone the difference between tier 1 teams and the rest when we beat the living shit out of teams with insane win streaks in tier 2
2021-01-21 22:35
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