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GODSENT will be moving to NA
Greece RedWinter 
I translated an interview of TACO and he said that the plans of GODSENT are to relocate in a gaming office in California, so that means playing against NA teams. I'd have loved to watch this team against T1 EU opposition but maybe this is the way to get GODSENT stickers.
2021-01-22 01:04
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United States Nahtenojoh
thats good cuz it will improve na/sa cs over here
2021-01-22 01:05
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Turkey yeeGeT
2021-01-22 01:05
United States Phamous3k
Take us from -10 to 0 at the least.
2021-01-22 01:05
Greece RedWinter
they will play a tournament in EU and then move on
2021-01-22 01:08
2021-01-22 01:36
They should move to SA if they intend to lift any trophie
2021-01-22 01:08
They already playing the qualifer for the next Dreamhack in Europe so idk
2021-01-22 01:08
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Greece RedWinter
they will bootcamp in sweden for a while until they sort it out
2021-01-22 01:31
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ah ok i understand
2021-01-22 01:38
That is a really good team, should rek other NA teams
2021-01-22 01:40
Brazil TheWWalker
Im very excited to see them playing, dumau and latto have so much potential to be t1 players, i guess taco's and felps's experience are gonna elevate this team to be one of the best in NA this year
2021-01-22 01:41
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2021-01-22 05:44
they'd be crushed against EU oppo, maybe they can win some NA tournies, not a bad choice
2021-01-22 01:49
Great decision! They'd get rekt in Europe
2021-01-22 05:51
one more mediocre NA team! they might even win MDL!!!
2021-01-22 05:53
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North America 007DBR9
idk team mythic got semies last time
2021-01-22 07:34
Lol.. NA tournaments sucks
2021-01-22 07:27
There are no top 30 NA teams besides Liquid and EG at the moment Is their goal to compete in the MDL? Roster checks out with TACO being the leader kkkkkk
2021-01-22 07:32
Brazil hugoooo
Not gonna lie, I like this idea because if the BR teams move to Europe, NA scene could literally be over... it would be only Liquid, EG and Triumph.
2021-01-22 07:35
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