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Boys imagine if some company made a VR headset with a contraption where you fuck any girl (real/fake) and it would as real as possible, why would we need women at that point?
2021-01-22 07:00
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dude you high af
2021-01-22 07:00
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Think about it, everyday you get to sleep with a new girl with a unique personality most likely coded by an AI or some shit.
2021-01-22 07:01
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but not matter how real it felt, you would still know that you are alone and just masturbating yourself
2021-01-22 07:03
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Who cares you synthetically get to fuck every hot girl that existed in our known existence.
2021-01-22 07:05
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which one would you fuck first?
2021-01-22 07:07
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Some anime chick ofc
2021-01-22 07:08
2021-01-22 07:00
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2021-01-22 07:02
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i thought u were talking about travis scott dropping utopia
2021-01-22 07:02
If you mean a VR thing where guy sticks his dick into a machine to simulate sex then yeah, that exists already.
2021-01-22 07:02
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Well maybe something more realistic and AI coded personality depending on the factors you would input according to your imagination.
2021-01-22 07:04
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you're looking more along the lines of an actual robot more than a VR headset.
2021-01-22 07:04
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Well itsmost likely a combo of the two, you need a vr headset so the features change accordingly
2021-01-22 07:06
Dude, you are from Canada. You guys wrestle freakin' bears for adrenaline. Why would you need a fake woman?!
2021-01-22 07:06
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Variety dwag
2021-01-22 07:07
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2021-01-22 08:49
NiKo | 
China OpReSs
imo a controlled dream is much better than this
2021-01-22 08:16
k1to | 
Austria eights
pretty sad if not bait
2021-01-22 08:19
stop using drugs
2021-01-22 08:52
sounds like Star Trek fan fiction
2021-01-22 08:59
Expected from Cucknada.
2021-01-22 09:50
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