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Vitality vs Astralis
misutaaa | 
Ireland Vitality_Fan 
Last time it was 50/50 and astralis won but this time Astralis doesnt seem to be playing at the level they were at IEM while Vitality is Im obviously biased but i think Vitality can win this time 2-1 Who do you think will win?
2021-01-22 08:02
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Astralis ofc: Astralis 3 top 2020 players Vitality 1 top 2020 player
2021-01-22 08:04
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i forgot its not 2021
2021-01-22 08:04
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Np, you are welcome
2021-01-22 08:05
But Zywoo is fat and top1, he is worth 5 people Vitality 5 vs Astralis 3
2021-01-22 08:05
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2021-01-22 08:06
Damn, you rek me 😔
2021-01-22 08:07
Without stream sniping: Ast wins With stream sniping: Vit wins
2021-01-22 08:14
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2021-01-22 08:15
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Mad because Vitality was caught cheating?
2021-01-22 08:19
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do you have any proof of them cheating?
2021-01-22 08:19
3 replies “ ESIC said that between May and June, it received "numerous allegations" of coaches and teams stream-sniping. This means that they had the broadcast stream visible during the progress of the match, this way obtaining valuable information and gaining an unfair advantage.” "ESIC has fulfilled its purpose to protect esports integrity by acting as we have, but those coaches, players and teams we have given a pass to by this decision have been warned and we are watching them closely. They will not be so fortunate a second time.”
2021-01-22 08:25
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ok but can you prove the players and the staff even knew the stream was behind them
2021-01-22 08:27
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No I’m sure the stream turn itself on and the screen turned to face the coach on it’s own. The point is playing the stream during a game is not okay no matter if it’s used or not.
2021-01-22 08:32
Vitality is looking very solid, and Astralis is looking a bit shaky. I hope Astralis takes it, but I think Vitality takes this one.
2021-01-22 08:19
Vita win tournament.
2021-01-22 08:21
Cheer for both of them 🥳 my fantasy looks good whoever win this and hopefully g2 win with kennys saving a lot
2021-01-22 08:21
Ukraine McSwell
Depends on what 200 IQ xtqqzz stats will be. If it be big screen stream sniping - EZ win for Vitality.
2021-01-22 08:23
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cry is free
2021-01-22 08:28
Zeus | 
Ukraine Najara
shox vs device 10/10 vs 10/10 zywoo vs xyp9x 2/10 vs 2/10 rly 50:50
2021-01-22 08:30
Even when Astralis is performing, Vitality have beaten them before, so it's still 50/50 for me. Either way, they make good competition, and will be an exciting game to watch.
2021-01-22 08:35
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2021-01-22 08:47
Denmark Menterx
2021-01-22 08:48
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