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cloud9 hello???
OK | 
Peru SharlLegrerg 
no coach no confirmed 5th player wtf???? even if xeppaa confirmed, who will awp? alex and es3tag? save es3tag and floppy pls
2021-01-22 10:00
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Alex will awp.
2021-01-22 10:01
elmapuddy coach xeppaa 5th and alex awping
2021-01-22 10:02
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oh god(((((
2021-01-22 10:05
2021-01-22 10:24
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he was the second awper on vitality on some maps atleast. like virtigo.
2021-01-22 10:46
Poland dawido0305
Jeez Shark Leglerg you are ill and that's why you are obvious thing?
2021-01-22 10:03
Korea yooz
m0e confirmed last
2021-01-22 10:03
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wow tournament win secured now
2021-01-22 10:05
Finland Veeti777
There is players like obo and twistzz and they going to sign xeppaa xdd Wtf is cloud9 doink
2021-01-22 10:06
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I guess they don't want to blow more money on a player like Twistzz. Not saying he is bad. And obo is still in contract right?
2021-01-22 10:14
alex is awping
2021-01-22 10:06
if alex actually consistently hits awp shots, ill be damned, but i have my doubts either way this is all happening very late in relation to cs_summit start date so they will probably struggle this tournament (i swear to god, if they get a good run after this, im gonna yeet myself)
2021-01-22 10:09
woxic malding rn
2021-01-22 10:11
ropz | 
India icle
nato to standin
2021-01-22 10:18
Woxic: C9 is rich , they are kick me = Me rich now -Woxic
2021-01-22 10:21
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Other M@GNU5
2021-01-22 10:42
JD | 
Poland Banzanic
pick one we have infinite money and we are colossus sign floppy, mezii, woxic, es3tag, alex My point is, tier 3 team like f0rze will always be better than some garbage taken from the trash can.
2021-01-22 10:26
I like Elmapuddy as a coach and I like Xeppa as a player you give a shot to. Quite a bit. What I don't like is giving a 4750 gun to Alex. It's the Liquid problem all over again. Team should have signed Junior if they wanted to go with a young player. He fits the team much better. Although I'm glad Xeppa is going to stay in CS. He's got a future in this game.
2021-01-22 10:33
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Other M@GNU5
2021-01-22 10:45
+1 elmapuddy and xeppaa on their own are fine, but this is shaping up to be a disaster.
2021-01-22 10:51
Europe iamkillyou
alex has been awping a lot on a ffa server this morning
2021-01-22 10:40
Other M@GNU5
just get NaTo to stand in already
2021-01-22 10:42
Who cares, irrelevant team making up the numbers.
2021-01-22 10:43
Henry wasted so much money because he rushed to win flashpoint and placed last place. Now they don’t even have a proper team and let woxic and kassad go for free.
2021-01-22 10:43
Indonesia FinZzz
It honestly doesnt look good at all for C9. They got the money but they invest on unknown players like mezi. I wouldnt count on xeppa or floppy to carry the team aswell. Alex is a decent igl, and es3tag is a support player at best. Get someone with star qualities. Someone like acor, farlig, heck try go for Twistzz
2021-01-22 10:53
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