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G2 Map pool
Finland TuureBoelius 
So I just looked at stats and found out that G2 have picked only two maps since adding NiKo. Those maps are Mirage and Dust2. They've picked Dust2 every time they've had the chance. I am not kidding, they've done it literally every time the opponent didn't ban it as their first map. Do you think that having a permapick that you pick every time and having only two maps that you are comfortable picking overall is a sustainable strategy in the long run? Thoughts ? /discuss
2021-01-22 11:24
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VK | 
Netherlands TyStackz
NiKo brings his strategies from FaZe.
2021-01-22 11:31
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wtf g2 didn't pick dust2 against navi !!!!!!!! but they did pick mirage xd
2021-01-22 19:46
Ireland iTz_kTx
even before getting NiKo, they still were only picking dust2 and mirage, maybe they were also picking vertigo from time to time. They don't really wanna pick and play vertigo that much cuz NiKo almost never played it on faze. It was clear from the match against astralis. on Dust2 NiKo basically carried cuz Dust2 was a regular map that faze played, but on vertigo he wasn't the niko everyone knows. Train would be a map i'd like to see G2 play, Niko played it quite a lot on faze and whenever G2 played it, they weren't shocking, but making train a good map for them will require nexa and malek not sleeping for a few days to make some acceptable strats that may work against teams like Na'vi and astralis who always dominated train
2021-01-22 11:33
NiKo is one of the best players on those 2 maps and an carry alone 7/10 games so they probably pick them bcs of him. But their map pool js quiet bad.
2021-01-22 11:33
LOL g2 more likely gold 2. they only play dust and mirage xD
2021-01-22 11:33
2021-01-22 15:13
Spain JLenny47
Dont all team have a permapick? I mean, you can flex a bit on a secondary map if your opponents one-trick it even harder, but I'm pretty sure every team picks the same map most of the time
2021-01-22 19:49
Although their pool looks shit right now, I think they practiced quite a bit on other maps like inferno
2021-01-22 19:49
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