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he is not working in complexity ... EXTREMUM incoming
2021-01-22 13:54
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do orgs still care about winning? or do they just build international teams to get more range and sell more merch? thonking?
2021-01-22 13:55
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calm down sherlock
2021-01-22 13:57
ropz | 
Netherlands ONGix
RIP was sad hearing you epstiened yourself :(
2021-01-22 14:00
United Kingdom galaxyv2
2021-01-22 14:14
merch is the only way orgs make money really, so yes
2021-01-22 14:42
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really, i would love to see numbers, i never thought many people really buy esports merch. Ive tried looking for some jerseys sometimes and some orgs dont even seem to sell anything or its incredibly hard to find
2021-01-22 14:58
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branding too i guess, but cs orgs almost never actually break even
2021-01-22 14:58
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Yea i guess so
2021-01-22 14:59
wdym? no one would cheer for constantly underperforming team and buy their merch
2021-01-22 17:11
They do, but it's still good to be in the Top10. FaZe will never die
2021-01-22 14:52
Yes they care about winning but some care way less then others. C9, G2 and Faze are probably depending on it to justify the money they've all spent. Winning gives you reputation and reputation gives you fans and fans give you money
2021-01-22 14:57
Brian | 
United States Jeebur
He needs to be put in a role where the team is playing off of his work, CoL aint doing that for shit
2021-01-22 13:56
id love for coL to experiment for 1 event (summit would be the best time as its not a serious event) blameF being a more traditional IGL and setting up for Jks. k0nfig and RUSH are great entries.
2021-01-22 13:59
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United Kingdom galaxyv2
why would you do this when setting up blamef is better lol
2021-01-22 14:15
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blamef doesnt get set up, he baits. I mean flashes and what not for Jks, instead of Jks being the one to throw the flashes with rush
2021-01-22 14:40
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BlameF baiting complexity was top 6, jks baiting 100t/renegades was barely top 20
2021-01-22 14:53
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Team ranking != player rating Also complexity has gotten to top 5 too
2021-01-22 17:08
Bulgaria |mens|
i somewhat agree he isn;t being fully utilised by don't forget, they've been playign with a stand in for months now next event will be first real event for Col
2021-01-22 14:01
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I agree with you about the fact that they are playing with a stand-in, so they not as good as they can be, but JKS has 0.98 avg rating since he joined coL and that is just not good enough when you know how good he is.
2021-01-22 14:06
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Bulgaria |mens|
yea no doubts i think they aren't giving him the opportunity to frag, but with stand in makes winning in general very hard they were at the very least improving last time they played with poizon let's see how it goes after he comes back
2021-01-22 14:50
He showed pretty good results against NAVI Not sure about jus going to EXTREMUM
2021-01-22 14:46
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I don't think 0.86 rating is "pretty good"
2021-01-22 14:56
Russia reguix
I was his kinda fan back in the days ,but him joining col opened my eyes ,and now i see that hes literally nothing without his former team
2021-01-22 14:47
very nice from him
2021-01-22 14:53
+1 i'm stuck on this fcking nick becouse of Renegades jks and now he is playing like smithz
2021-01-22 15:06
jks used to play basically everywhere where blameF is currently playing, theres tonnes of miscommunication in complexity and you can see it. they havent been togheter for that long even without playing with a standin. i think he will slot in complexity MUCH better and achieve MUCH better consistency when the team ahs played with poizon for 1 month.
2021-01-22 17:16
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INS | 
United States Fule
I find it disrespectful that COL put jks on the B bombsite of Vertigo where you do not need as big of impact players. His rating on the A site or Vertigo in general proves that BlameF has the biggest fucking ego of them all. Literally a worse baiter than s1mple or someone he played with like Nifty in 2017, most 18. it is so fucking embarrassing to see jks being put in the shittiest positions and then getting blamed for not performing to his real level.
2021-01-22 20:22
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he doesnt, check teh demos of RUSH xD BlameF takes th ebst positions, thats true. But B on vertigo is the place for someone that doesnt make mistakes and get consistent multikills. I mean, its nto the same like putting someone to hold b apps on mirage where he literally just jumpspots and calls for help if he sees someone..... its more like holding B site on train. alot of responsibility
2021-01-22 22:58
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