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on 10-4 did they forfeit the round when FalleN crashed or smth? if yes, why? EliGE had already died lol
2021-01-22 18:03
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United States Magma_44
fallen lost connection before elige died
2021-01-22 18:03
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no, i saw hltv log live. u can check hltv log may be?
2021-01-22 20:06
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Finland Jomppeboi
I don't think he instantly leaves the server when he loses connection. Happens in normal MM games too. If you dc you dont instantly leave, your body just kinda stands there for a while.
2021-01-22 20:09
Yes and i dont know why
2021-01-22 18:03
they called it before EliGE dmg was inflicted
2021-01-22 18:03
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Didnt know that. Thx
2021-01-22 18:04
Europe Cirros_V2
fallen stopped moving in the moment elige was killed and u can hear typing in the chat after he is dead not before.
2021-01-22 18:26
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sure, makes sense, that's why they rolled back to round
2021-01-22 20:05
to be fair idk, if they hadn't forefit and won bc of that thousands of salty Liquid fans would have cried
2021-01-22 18:04
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Romania SanitySP
2021-01-22 18:20
If someone is dead the round cannot be repeated!!!!!! There is a rule error.
2021-01-22 18:08
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the disconnect was before the kill
2021-01-22 18:10
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2021-01-22 18:20
Europe Cirros_V2
who cares when they didnt call it before kill?
2021-01-22 18:28
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i think they did
2021-01-22 19:57
NAF | 
United States colbert^
Fallen actually disconnected before damage was done so the round was restarted.
2021-01-22 18:11
Joke rule from BLAST. Even admins said that FalleN's "actual disconnect" happened after ELiGE died.
2021-01-22 18:23
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