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NA in 2021
Brazil In_Cold_We_Trust 
EG Liquid Godsent MIBR Furia Cogu's roster Team One More Competitiveness in NA tournaments
2021-01-23 02:04
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DD | 
Armenia breasts
NA is BACK bois QUE OTA??
2021-01-23 02:08
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Brazil AleMasox
flag check
2021-01-23 02:11
Time for the region to disband
2021-01-23 02:10
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why? it's recovering from the disbands on Fall
2021-01-23 02:11
wtf Brazilians saved NA tournaments respect pls
2021-01-23 02:12
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Fuck all the hate towards BR scene. Keep it competitive
2021-01-23 02:15
Not really NA more like A. Americas But yeah its good.
2021-01-23 02:12
United States Festive_
Don't forget Extra Salt. top 20 core and GOD oSee
2021-01-23 02:18
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Yes, they look promising
2021-01-23 02:21
North America joeS
Sonic is only one I see being an issue. ES looks very good right now.
2021-01-23 04:48
ok no joking list from best to worst 1. Liquid (Did great in the global final last year, and are looking really good with fallen) 2. EG (beat Furia so that's why they're above them, did shit their first time around in europe, but they looked good against Astralis and Furia this tournament.) 3. Furia (lost to Cogu's roster and EG, but they did well against G2 and Heroic and had a good stretch in NA for a while. Idk how Junior fits in tho so it could change) 4. Cogu's roster (did pretty well in EU but fell off towards the end, they haven't played that many teams so idk how good they are tho) 5. Extra Salt (have only played one game, but Fang seems good, and oSee and Motm are good) 6. Triumph (lost to high coast but they had just started up their roster and I trust Shakezullah to put in a good system, and all of their players should be pretty good) 7. MIBR (haven't played in NA, but they could be good, who knows) 8. Godsent (just a guess, they haven't played yet but their roles make no sense so I'm not optimistic) 9. High Coast (Very inconsistent, sometimes good, sometimes losing to Pain) 10. TeamOne (malbs is the only good player, idk what they can do now that b4rtin is gone)
2021-01-23 02:28
Japan Peine
Remove SA from NA and NA has only 2teams + all teams should stay in EU if they really want to practice and not steal paycheck
2021-01-23 04:47
But all NA teams will stay in EU
2021-01-23 07:57
2021-01-23 08:00
NA may as well not exist until ESL goes back to LAN and teams like Col and C9 come back. There's no point for teams of Liquid or EG's caliber to be in NA at all. Even with EG getting knocked out they looked like they belonged. They took a map off Astralis they didn't get booted out in last. Both sides (and Furia) need to put the nose to the grind stone in Europe. Liquid and EG in particular we have seen get to number one in the world rankings. Whether or not that is in the cards in 2021 is up in the air but all they can do is get better in EU and get worse in NA. The talent on all three teams is really strong. Elige, NAF, Ethan, Brehze, Yuurih and Kscerato are world class riflers. That's a strong and at times really strong duo on each team. Liquid in particular if they finish top 3 here in the global finals or make a finals run will have made finals run in the last two EU tournaments. They aren't even that far off IMO.
2021-01-23 08:14
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