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GOD oSee
United States Festive_ 
Too bad oSee didn't re-sign with C9. He's about to tear NA up tho. Best North American AWPer right now. (yes he's better than junior)
2021-01-23 02:12
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i think Junior still has more potential but right now oSee is better
2021-01-23 02:13
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United States Festive_
idk about that. Shakezullah is a fantastic IGL so he might've gotten everything out of junior already. It'll be interesting to see what Art can do with him though.
2021-01-23 02:15
United States Festive_
PS: suck it Thorin
2021-01-23 02:13
it's crazy how bad JT is he completely hindered that c9 roster
2021-01-23 02:14
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United States Festive_
his fragging was pretty shitty but imo it was sonic that let that roster down. he was supposed to be the best player in the roster but he was SUPER inconsistent. JT and motm did their roles decently and ofc floppy and oSee did too but Sonic wasn't the star he should've been
2021-01-23 02:16
+1 -JT +Vanity would've probably given them a chance.
2021-01-23 02:24
United States ReyCuadrado
he has a massive brain tho
2021-01-23 02:24
C9 actually were trying to get oSee but he rejected he wanted to play with his friends
2021-01-23 02:18
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United States Festive_
yeah ik that's why I said oSee didn't resign not C9. kinda sad tho because floppy ended up leaving him behind
2021-01-23 02:19
wheres number1oseefanNA?
2021-01-23 02:27
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probably banned cause of shit admins
2021-01-23 02:32
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rest in pieces
2021-01-23 02:32
me if oSee re-signed to C9 with floppy
2021-01-23 02:30
Brazil AleMasox
C9 without a main awp will be trash, F woxic
2021-01-23 02:33
if they replace JT was a decent fraging IGL, they could be a good roster
2021-01-23 02:40
2021-01-23 05:54
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