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koosta | 
United States ThereIsNoHope 
Okay, this might be a movie too but the description had something to do with a serial killer killing during natural disasters or large scale events. I can't find it anywhere and it's driving me fucking crazy
2021-01-24 00:44
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REZ | 
Mexico PS5
any other clues? names? where did u watch it? year?
2021-01-24 00:49
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I didn't watch it, I saw it on the front page of netflix I think and I had plans to but I can't find it. It was like less than a year ago. That's about all the clues I have. I can't remember the cover photo for the show :(
2021-01-24 00:54
well if he knew all of that he could just searched it on google
2021-01-24 00:56
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I tried to like google similar to the description I gave on the post but no luck :( god this one's a lost cause.
2021-01-24 01:01
Anyone? Please
2021-01-24 04:03
get out of my head
2021-01-24 04:04
My Friend Dahmer
2021-01-24 04:10
sharknado xd?
2021-01-24 04:13
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No bro but it did make me laugh LOL
2021-01-24 04:28
Russia DjSisu
The Raven 2012
2021-01-24 04:39
Maybe see if any of these ring a bell:
2021-01-24 04:46
Russia DjSisu
Unsolved Mysteries kinda similar
2021-01-24 04:49
Wisla Krakow
Hard Legion
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