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Vietnam matzyr 
what is “baiting” anyway? and how is it different from trading? you still got the kill, right? if i don’t follow my suicidal team pushing through a smoke with no chance of survival am i a baiter?
2021-01-24 05:19
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NAF | 
Canada mdawgie
nt coldzera
2021-01-24 05:22
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Brazil |baitzera
question mark
2021-01-24 05:44
People who cry about baiting in MM are probably being baited People who cry about baiting in Pro CS are most definitely the retards who get baited
2021-01-24 05:24
not really, if he pushes through a smoke alone he's a retard baiting means letting someone go in front (when you really shouldn't) so he gets killed and the opponent doesn't know where you're coming from so u get an easy kill
2021-01-24 05:34
0/8 bait
2021-01-24 05:44
nt s0mple
2021-01-24 05:45
Switzerland Titan))
people suck too much so they like to cry a lot. in mm and faceit, there genuinely are lots of baiters. usually tho, the wrong people get called out. in pro cs, people like to target specific players for baiting (namely s1mple) these people just have no clue. btw in pugs most common form of baiting is not the obvious one. for example: team says push A on mirage, one goes out to entry, 2 jump to tetris and 2 stay behind in ramp. That is actual baiting. even if u thought tetris would be best to go to, its baiting. stop being scared of dying, its only a video game. another form of baiting: lurkers who are shit. if u lurk and can be useful, GREAT. if u lurk and u suck (most mm players) then its fair to say you're baiting. last form of baiters: people who refuse to rotate until everyone is dead. then they get 1-2 exit frags and get top leaderboard. PS: I forgot the most stereotypical baiters, but tbh I don't see many of them. Those who wait for u to peek and then try to trade. usually this is not baiting, it is rather just bad communication (or none at all) or it is suicidal players taking stupid peeks.
2021-01-24 05:50
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Vietnam matzyr
thank you for good analysis
2021-01-24 06:04
+1 This guy gets it
2021-01-24 06:17
I heard baiting is not real
2021-01-24 05:53
nt s2mple
2021-01-24 05:55
Indonesia FinZzz
Baiting is waiting more time than you should while your teammates get killed by the enemy. Tradefragging has to be fast and swift especially on T side. Baiting is asking your mates to drop an expensive gun eventho the team's economy is bad and demands your teammates to go first and die while you get kills at the end. Forcebuying when the economy is broke decreases the rounds of you actually have a proper buy to win rounds. Its stupid and short term way of thinking (except if its the last round ofc) All of which s1mple has done in the past or present
2021-01-24 06:07
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2021-01-24 06:19
S0mple alts on hltv, interesting
2021-01-24 06:29
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