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Na'Vi or Vitality? Best odds/bets
South Africa LustedSilli - 
Na'Vi will face Vitality in a BO3 for a spot in the grand finals of BLAST Premier Global Finals today. S1mple vs ZywOo is going to be one interesting matchup! If you are into betting and plan on placing some bets on Na'Vi vs Vitality, check out the best odds for match-winner below. Na'Vi (2.27) vs Vitality (1.60) Are you doing for any over/under or first map winner bets? If you don't bet, share your predictions on this match and which team you think will win the entire tournament.
2021-01-24 08:41
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Canada firtlast
im betting my life savings on a knife kill for this bo3. if it doesn’t happen then i’ll be forced to live my life in the local ikea, eating horsemeat meatballs and discarded hot dogs off the ground.
2021-01-24 08:43
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2021-01-24 08:44
dont do that
2021-01-24 08:47
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Canada firtlast
i have full control of my life! that is, until a knife-less bo3 occurs. then, it’s hot dog time!
2021-01-24 08:48
call s1mple and tell him to throw the map by trying to knife zywoo
2021-01-24 11:34
United Arab Emirates DynamicAWM
Navi are looking good but Vitality are tough opponents, I still think they will win it though. The problem comes after they get to the finals though as they have face Astralis on their second bo3 match of the day which will definitely take a toll on them but then again they are a momentum based team so I think they still have a fair chance of winning it.
2021-01-24 08:50
2021-01-24 08:52
betting is HARAM
2021-01-24 08:56
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+1 well said my bosnian brother
2021-01-24 11:35
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2021-01-24 14:25
Serbia LtN))
+1 well said my bosnian brother
2021-01-24 11:37
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2021-01-24 14:25
+1 well said, my russian brother
2021-01-24 12:06
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2021-01-24 14:30
Myanmar Icar_noob
Tough day for both Navi and vitality. No matter how you try spin it, Astralis have a big advantage in the finals and if Astralis lose this tournament, it can only be because the opponent is clearly better than them. A good goal to strive for! NaVi definitely have it in them to do this, people forget how in the finals, NaVi were dismantling both rosters before getting lost in the moment of what winning meant. They've had time to digest and learn what that means and how to handle it better so now is the perfect time to show it. NaVi are definitely the best roster and if they can keep their calm in the important stages of a game, they should be able to close the door on vitality and hit their second wind for astralis and assert their dominance! The Vitality Vs NaVi game veto should be like this Remove train Remove vertigo Vitality pick overpass(could be inferno but overpass is a punish pick) Navi pick nuke (vitality didn't look like they wanted a decider on this map, either hiding info on this map anticipating NaVi and thinking they could win inferno with two rookies on a nuanced specialist Astralis map(hellooo? Logic French men's??) or they are not comfortable with it Vitality remove dust2 Navi remove inferno/overpass(whichever is left Mirage left over 2-1 NaVi NaVi davai Im palky!
2021-01-24 11:08
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Myanmar Icar_noob
It snowed in England - that is a sign!
2021-01-24 11:16
all good but there's no way vitality would ban dust 2 over mirage. I think vitality takes the decider map which will probably be dust 2 which in my eyes is a real coinflip so it'll be a fun match probably
2021-01-24 11:37
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Myanmar Icar_noob
I was torn here - but I think any team that leaves dust2 in the pool against NaVi is brave/stupid considering the multikill potential they have. Vitality look solid on the map no doubt about that. Mirage does however offer a little more tactical depth and allows for more opportunity to outplay the opponent then a primarily aim oriented map like dust2 even if they don't pick it often. That's the same case for NaVi, so a good game plan execution is likely to net a W here and vitality should feel they can come up with something. In dust2 there is nothing new under the sun at this point(why I think it should be removed from pool) and it will all come down to timing, team synergy and aim. All scary factors as a determining factor to win. Plus they threw a big lead away Vs Astralis so I'm sure that's made them uncomfortable. Also considering the players vitality are using for inferno, it wouldn't even surprise me to see NaVi opt to go inferno as a decider.
2021-01-24 11:47
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i've told you, it was going to be Dust2. I am pretty sure that considering yesterday. Vitality will be happy with Dust2. This match will most likely be a coinflip.
2021-01-24 16:57
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Myanmar Icar_noob
Hindsight analysis incoming - my read was right, picking dust2 with weaker players is always a problem if you don't have an exploitative game plan. I hope Navi give specific credit to perfecto for what he's done in terms of team chemistry! He's the hidden MVP!!
2021-01-24 23:15
Serbia LtN))
i dont bet but ez4navi
2021-01-24 11:38
Namibia KhT
if s1mple becomes Dustin Prioir its easy for Navi if not close matchup
2021-01-24 11:48
Senegal Koldunas
map1 over 26.5 or 27.5 map2 vitality -2.5 map3 over 26.5
2021-01-24 11:58
Navi win 100%, Come back after the match and try to tell me something if you don't believe me now. JUST MARK MY MOTHERFUCKING WORDS NAVI WIN THIS ONE!
2021-01-24 12:01
Vitality win for 1.6 Or over 2,5 maps for about 1.9
2021-01-24 12:09
If Navi is in top form, they will destroy vitality on any map! TOP ELITE EVENTS player >>> RMR FARMER
2021-01-24 12:10
Indonesia lukerey
doesn't want to see another vitality vs astralis match up. so i hope navi wins it. what a good way to comeback after losing 1st game and now they make it into grand final. lets go navi !
2021-01-24 12:11
Vitality removed train Navi removed Vertigo Vitality picked dust2/overpass ( I would say more d2 than overpass but navi hasnt played either map in long time, but overpass of navi is not that great so they might pick it) Navi picked nuke Vitality removed mirage Navi removed d2/overpass inferno was left over
2021-01-24 12:14
Serbia LtN))
Nuke NaVi win 16-9 Inferno NaVi win 16-12
2021-01-24 12:17
navi are in better form , vitality is zywoo only right now , navi play with aug again so flamie ect can frag
2021-01-24 14:30
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