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i found it boys
Brazil raiboltin 
Just did the math / biology+chemistry+physics test and i got right 43 out of 45 questions in math. Im actually so relief after the shittiest year of my life. Funny how early in the day there was a topic called "What you're missing" and i said hapinness and now i found it. Cheer up dudes, everything will be fine, even if Liquid or your team loses. Have a great day
2021-01-25 03:49
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relieved* i wasted all my intelects on the exam
2021-01-25 03:49
2021-01-25 03:50
Indonesia sTakaTaka
good for u
2021-01-25 03:50
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thank you
2021-01-25 03:51
bruh, its 3:50 AM and i have an exam tomorrow at 9 AM or so, please i will take some of your good vibes to make it through this night
2021-01-25 03:50
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I was so nervous and anxious early today and everything went well. Its a national exam and my whole year depended on it, i had all the insecurities since i studied on my own. Fuck the privileged ones, hard study pays it off
2021-01-25 03:53
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congrats then :) stay always strong
2021-01-25 04:02
same here lol
2021-01-25 04:27
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gl then
2021-01-25 04:30
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cheers, you too mate! don't forget to stay hydrated and to chill out a bit, be in a decent mindset when you get round to your exam :)
2021-01-25 04:32
a good night of sleep is a game changer for exams,atl for me i have to sleep like 10 pm to be 100% at an exam,my grades are high,if u try to sleep early you'll see that ur focus and memory will raise a lot gl bro u got it
2021-01-25 04:36
DD | 
Armenia breasts
congrats bro))))
2021-01-25 03:54
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I appreciate it mens)))
2021-01-25 03:56
congrats, well done mens))
2021-01-25 03:55
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tyty NA + BR numba 1
2021-01-25 03:56
congrats bro, well done !
2021-01-25 03:56
United States Swadplan
congrats mens, hard work pays off
2021-01-25 03:58
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Hell yeah, wasted 500 sheets only with exercises through 6 months, feels good man
2021-01-25 03:59
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United States Swadplan
you put in the work and it made u a better man, that's what i'm fuckin talkin about
2021-01-25 04:24
Brazil brasiI
congratz, i only got 40/45 in math. Did you answer the perlongado question correctly ? its my 5th try. I have got what I needed in my 3rd but i want to get at least 45/45 in math, 40/45 in sience, and 1000 in the essay (just 4 fun) did one each year of high school so only the 3rd one was for real, not really studying for it since then
2021-01-25 04:08
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Yes, i got it. I actually got lucky on that one, did the wrong thinking but the same result. This is also my third year, the two before i didnt study actually (my school had 4 years so im 20 now). I had to study alone while working. Im terrible at essays, got 640 last year. Mine this year was not what i expected but certainly better than that. Im aiming Eletric Engineering at UFES (very hard to pass, as close as medicine and in ES there are only like 2 decent colleges), so i think i got it. The worst part was that i marked in the cartão resposta the wrong answear on the question about the escoamento do telhado, one of the easiest ones so im worried about the TRI
2021-01-25 04:12
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Brazil brasiI
congratz, you did amazing :D I am also 20, spent 2 years at uni and now im looking for another one. well, tbh 640 is just in the average, its not bad. Last year I got like 800, i don't remember exactly. I mean, the essay is just training and learning the technique OMG fuck that perlongado question, I finished it all and spent 15 minutes to understand that shit and got it wrong. Like what the hell is pino ? Fuck it bahahaha Dont worry about the TRI, you're for sure getting about 950 points :D and engineering schools usually have weight 4 in math on sisu !
2021-01-25 04:26
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honda | 
Brazil kindo
i'm in my 3rd year of Enem, and i'm not that much confident about my results kek. The only ones i'm "kinda" confident i got a good result are math and the essay. I'm naturally good at essays, in 2019, without studying essays i got a 760, and in my opinion it was pretty good, but the test scores really fucked me up. I'm aiming Interdisciplinar de Ciencias e Tecnologias at UNIFESP (moderate level of acceptance, last year's nota de corte was more less 720, and the waitlist went to like 680). Due to the high absences, i'm expecting or the nota de corte lower, or to the waitlist "roll" more. So i'm more confident this year than in 2019. My results in 1st day were bad, but i'm not that worried bc the weight of these subjects are low to the uni i want to get into. I'm more worried with biology + physics + chemistry, bc i suck at physics. But the one with the highest weight (math with 3) i think i got a pretty acceptable score.
2021-01-25 04:53
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honda | 
Brazil kindo
and i need to say that i marked 2 wrong answers at the gabarito, and 1 of them was an easy question. Hope TRI doesn't fuck me up
2021-01-25 04:55
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Brazil brasiI
chill man, you are going to do it ! specially since you got a high score on math in my first try I also messed up the gabarito and marked wrong answers on two easy questions but i still managed to get over 650 points in sciences. Don't worry about TRI for now, it's not worth it btw, about the absences level, do you really think it will make the notas de corte drop ? I mean, the people who didn't go wont have the opportunity to do it again next month or so ?
2021-01-25 14:50
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honda | 
Brazil kindo
no. a lot of ppl didn't go bc they were afraid of getting the virus. but the ppl that remarked their tests to february don't count as absences bc they were ill. All of these 51,1 that didnt go were supposed to do the test in the same dates as us
2021-01-25 15:00
honda | 
Brazil kindo
im afraid of checking the results of my test and being disappointed :(((
2021-01-25 04:42
idk even if i'll pass this year bcs i couldn't attend to the last 2 months of online school bcs my mom had to help my grandparents unfortunately so we had to cut internet,hope i pass bcs i'm really a good student but i prob missed the exams of my school(in the other part of the year i only really had real classes of physicsand chemistry,other teachers dgaf the entire year in classroom),idk what will happen to my entire class tbh,my school still is silent since december but the statement of rio's govern that there wouldn't have reprovals this year gave me hope,i just hope that they honor it atl
2021-01-25 04:43
South America ZyvvOo
i got 27/45 and im too happy cause i hate math...
2021-01-25 04:48
Good for you!
2021-01-25 04:54
Grats mate!
2021-01-25 05:01
Congrats man!
2021-01-25 05:02
gz men 😎👍
2021-01-25 14:53
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