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when you stop working?
Brazil Guefinho 
Does this happen to you aswell? I just played a train on gamersclub (brazilian faceit) against levels 18/19 (max level is 20, i'm level 17) and I did pretty good, something like 24/15 or something, we lost 16-14 then I went to play an inferno, against levels 16/17, and i did like, 12 frags and died 25 times, and it even went to ot like, wtf, it's not inconsistency, i can play several maps in sequence and do well, but then suddenly there's one specific map that i seem to not be able to kill any fucking one, like, i'm aiming at a boost where the enemie is gonna appear jumping, and i manage to not kill him, and give him time to get back down, adjust his aim and kill me, like WTF that's it, have a good night.
2021-01-25 04:28
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your mind magnifies the bad moment far more than the moments where you did good. leads to a bit of tilt, drop in confidence, and having a worse game. Not always the case, but it happens a lot.
2021-01-25 04:30
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honda | 
Brazil kindo
2021-01-25 04:32
Brazil Guefinho
I personally don't think I really get afected by that. I'm a very chill guy, haven't tilt in the game for more than a year now, and even when I do bad, i know myself that i'm better than that. I don't really lose confidence, since I still try to do individual plays that I usually do when i'm playing well, but they just seem to not work out.
2021-01-25 04:33
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I feel like although you are trying to continue making individual plays, you are also trying to compensate for your mistake (as in it's still in the back of your mind, maybe you don't think it always but here and there) and it can lead to some decision making that you wouldn't do if you hadn't made the original mistake. Confidence is a huge thing and affects everyone in csgo. Besides, everyone has bad times. s1mple has off days where he whiffs easy shots in a map, for example. Don't be too hard on yourself, it's normal!
2021-01-25 04:38
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Brazil Guefinho
i know it's normal, but i just think it's ridiculous because i'm overall pretty decent, but then i'm suddenly playing like a gold nova 3 for an entire map. and no, i don't try to make more individual plays to compensate, there are just some set individual plays that I usually do because i feel like i have the advantage and that work most of the time.
2021-01-25 04:40
Sosa | 
United States Samaell
keep practicing keep playing (take breaks in between games) stick to a consistent sleeping schedule stick to a consistent diet get workout in every day drink enough water
2021-01-25 04:44
Europe Ezmoneymens
You could be playing against inferno-mains. For example, aleksib said in an interview that he got his GE by playing only seaside with his friends. Might have been rising in ranks too, who knows.
2021-01-25 04:46
Other M@GNU5
maybe inferno is not your playground
2021-01-25 04:57
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