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Zywoo S1mple
BnTeT | 
Japan BnTeT_Polish 
dude , why people fight each other for compare this person? we need respect both player , they doing good as pro . stop compare and makes csgo community just for kid and clown. (sorry for my bad english) but i still want csgo community stop hating s1mple and zywoo because #1 and #2 . who care about who doing good . his two not change your life too . we should respect all people without doubing some person with sick arguments
2021-01-25 04:31
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japan english
2021-01-25 04:32
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
i dont like s1mple because he was a cheater and scammer and basically got off with no consequence, i have nothing against zywoo or any other t1 pro for that matter IBP core got a lifetime ban for throwing a match, s1mple gets off with basically no consequence for being a cheater and scammer, he had to return the skins but that was basically all he had to do and he's openly admitted to both and still no real punishment bad person, bad fans
2021-01-25 04:33
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cry is free
2021-01-25 04:59
welcome to Earth..
2021-01-25 04:33
Indonesia FinZzz
Its Messi vs Ronaldo all over again
2021-01-25 04:38
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both are crap compared to ronaldo fenomeno and rgaucho10
2021-01-25 04:46
haters of both are stupid welcome to csgo communitii-
2021-01-25 04:40
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Well said ! I’m a s1mple fan , but I do believe zywoo is unbelievably amazing ! Smartest cs player ever !
2021-01-25 04:59
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