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MIBR Project
South America ZyvvOo 
mibr probably always wanted to take boom core (boltz, chelo and shz) to complete trk and kNg line up on 2020, it would be hard so they decide to use some BR as standin until the end of boom contract, but they didnt tell it for kNg and trk. the team would be insane kNgV- (igl and awper) (500x better than yel) trk (1 billion times better than danoco) boltz shz chelo bestest BR lineup(also with major slot)... sad
2021-01-25 05:41
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South America ZyvvOo
also trk could not joy kNgV project and stay on MIBR to play Danoco place. and it would live kNg team with 5 players (the only problem is vsm vac)
2021-01-25 05:43
what would have been ideal I think
2021-01-25 05:44
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South America ZyvvOo
i think it could be a BR line that could win a major...
2021-01-25 05:47
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2021-01-25 05:54
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South America ZyvvOo
dont u think????
2021-01-25 05:57
South America ZyvvOo
would be a better version of IMT without hen1 boltz and kNg trk, shz and chelo all better than steel and lucas1
2021-01-25 05:46
gla1ve | 
Brazil moc1
the new mibr wont win, not even get top 20
2021-01-25 05:59
South America ZyvvOo
2021-01-25 05:59
Brazil Guefinho
the problem is that since kng didn't know that, he gained too much passion for the three completes (leo_drk, lucas1 and vsm) since they did so good, and not knowing what was already supposed to happen, he didn't accept mibr not signing them.
2021-01-25 06:09
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South America ZyvvOo
yes i know it, the problem was that they didnt tell kNg what was happening, sad.
2021-01-25 06:15
Best br lineup = furia with hen1 /closed
2021-01-25 06:19
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South America ZyvvOo
-vini +felps or +boltz
2021-01-25 06:21
South America ZyvvOo
very nice
2021-01-25 06:20
South America ZyvvOo
would be so good team...
2021-01-25 19:50
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